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Comment Triton Submarines (Score 2) 66

Triton Submarines makes 2-man and 3-man subs designed for 1000 or 3300 foot depths. "The 3300/3 played a major role in the expedition to capture the first ever footage of the Giant Squid" which a few of you probably saw on the Discovery Channel. They are one of a handful of companies designing models capable of visiting the Challenger Deep (repeating the feats of the Trieste in 1960 and James Cameron in 2012).

Comment sounds like they're keeping up with UPnP (Score 1) 212

I wrote an Android app that allows me to tell a UPnP MediaRenderer (like a WD TV Live +, although that particular unit has many shortcomings) to play a movie file that lives on my phone. This sort of functionality is already available in a couple of off-the-shelf androids and will probably be a standard feature by the end of 2011.

I'm told the big advantage of the Apple version of UPnP is authentication, which is not mentioned in the UPnP specs I have read.

Comment Re:Cost and portability (Score 1) 490

For me, I never got a Tivo because of the cost. You need to purchase the equipment and then pay a monthly fee.

I have a MythTV, and ever since that debacle with commercial builders flouting the terms of service at Zap2it Labs I have been paying Schedules Direct for my channel guide.

The lesson from Schedules Direct is that plenty of people who use Open Source are willing to pay for a service that has value.

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