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Comment Re:How about we worry where all the white males ar (Score 2) 174

Probably, they have retired or left California and moved to Colorado or Texas. They saw the H1B replacement program in progress 20 years ago. Housing became so expensive, employers were unwilling to pay jumbo salaries for jumbo rents and mortgages so they figured it's cheaper to hire people who are willing to house-share.

Comment Re:Childbirth? (Score 1) 174

Maybe it varies from region to region, but in some areas, a software engineer/programmer only has a lifespan of six years because the competition is so fierce (entry requirements are having a GPA of 7.5+ from a prestigious university and being a team captain on the school competition teams). Everyone is determined to get the most interesting work in order to beef up their portfolio and get onto even bigger more interesting projects or to get a salary large enough to buy a house. Anyone male or female without that determination gets squashed flat, pushed into bug fixing, maintenance, tech writing, sales or marketing or just leaving.

Comment Re:Follow the funding and experts (Score 1) 35

You have all the universities (UCB, Stanford, Caltech, UCLA) as well as a critical mass of tech companies that allows interchange of staff and the creation of a new company overnight. Getting a new job is as easy as going out for lunch. This applies to the East coast as well. Neither area is lumbered with a large unemployed population claiming benefits.

Having so many corporations means that a startup can remain in stealth mode and keep under the radar of politicians and quangocrats. I've known companies to implode because the local government office instructed that they were instructed "not to promote anyone any further but instead to have a fresh talent initiative".

Weather isn't that much of a factor. Even places close to the Arctic circle can have a strong tech base providing the quality of life is high.

Comment Re:Because (Score 2) 35

The tricky thing is that you need people with knowledge to do the R&D. If you are a startup based on academic research and located in a university area, then that is very easy. to do. The other obstacles are then affordable housing/rentals, short commutes, good schools for families as well as healthy meals for staff.

Comment Re:Quantum entanglement (Score 1) 171

What if we were to send out a photon beam from a source half-way between Sirius and Earth. We can entangle photons of different frequencies such as X-rays and visible light. If the X-ray photon is absorbed somewhere, the visible light photon disappears. But if there is no intercept, the visible light photon remains. That would seem to suggest you could send two photons in opposite directions. If one is absorbed, then the other disappears. And since the source is halfway between the two destinations, information is transferred twice as fast as it normally would take.

Comment Re:News flash (Score 1) 100

Any UNIX or Linux device that has a microphone, camera, or other sensor and TCP/IP support is going to be able to be tapped. Every device in /dev is a stream input or output device. That data can be read and then sent out to anywhere else in the world using the "sockets" library. That allows everything from VOIP to video-conferencing, instant messaging and group chat.

Comment Re:I thought women made better CEOs (Score 1) 43

That was the time Microsoft was in their "UNIX is legacy, Windows NT is the future" mood (mid 1990's). At this time Silicon Valley was dominated by the UNIX workstation companies. One by one they dropped their version of UNIX and adopted Windows NT as Microsoft kept throwing FUD everywhere. Even HP caved in. Commercial UNIX Applications developers were only interested in supporting a couple of platforms. When Windows NT comes along, the vendor with the least market share gets kicked off. Ultimately, it became a battle of Windows NT vs. Solaris and Linux. Enter the SCO vs. IBM (Linux) lawsuit which was the final battle, then Sun gets bought out by Oracle. Now, we're in the situation of Samsung (Android) vs. Appe (iOS) vs. Google

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