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Comment Re:*obliged* to think in words? (Score 1) 147

There is a very interesting moment around that time when very scarce educated people start considering reading without talking, for instance, and this is documented (in writing! ;-) by witnesses from the time, who are baffled.

Do you have a book or website on the topic to recommend? I never thought about this before, but it sounds interesting.

Comment Re:yeah (Score 2) 203

Agreed - I thought 1&1 was fine, although overpriced (they gradually jacked up the price as time went on, presumably thinking it'd be too big a hassle for me to leave at that point). The problem was they decided I still owed them money after I had cancelled. Not only did they not inform me of this bogus charge, they sent it to a collection agency so I had to find out on my credit report. 1&1 - I give you money, you give me service. I stop, you stop. End of transaction. Please do not give these crooks any of your money! That said, GoDaddy sucks too and they made it very difficult for me to leave (it was a year long-process for me). I agree with the other folks who mentioned Namecheap - I manage all my domains through them and have been very happy thus far. Haven't tried to transfer any domains away from them yet, so I can't speak to that. Hopefully they don't pull the same shenanigans as the aforementioned scam artists.

Comment Re:George Lucas... (Score 1) 134

Just submitted it to the Urban Dictionary, and attributed it to "A. Miles Davis" (I copied the definition from his Google Plus post): lucasize Verb 1. To take a creation and modify it in ways that make sense to you, but confound everyone else. 2. To retcon a work heavily, claiming prior lack of ability as to the long delay in original product versus retcon(s). The real estate salesmen were enthusiastic about the new computer software which let them lucasize fake furniture into real photos of empty rooms. by A. Miles Davis on Oct 24, 2011

Comment Re:Google should concentrate elsewhere (Score 1) 76

details has:attachment .tiff

I see your point about it being nice if they'd automatically label this stuff, but you can search for attachments. This might turn up something that has a different kind of attachment and merely mentions ".tiff" in the email, but what you're looking for should turn up.

I have found Gmail search to be vastly superior to Yahoo! and Outlook since I've switched. They have some great tips on how to search.

Comment Re:One requirement (Score 1) 233

All laws must have a measureable objective, defined in advance of their passage, that they must meet or otherwise be repealed.

That probably isn't a new idea, but it's new to me. One of the most insightful things I've read in awhile. I think it would vastly help clarify the spirit of the law, and help red flag concessions to special interest groups.

Comment Re:everywhere (Score 4, Funny) 198

At first I had privacy concerns with my Google Toilet, but it has so many great features that I came up with a plan: for every one time I actually use the toilet, nine other times I'll flush down a goldfish or some coffee grinds. Knock it if you must, but security through obscurity works!

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