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Submission + - Twitter Suffers Web Interface Exploit (

HaloZero writes: "We're seeing lots of re-tweets on right now, all containing a fragment of JavaScript, which re-tweets itself when moused-over on the Twitter web interface. This could easily be muted into a more sinister attack, so it is recommended that you use a third party client application, or refrain from social media altogether until the problem is resolved."
The Internet

Submission + - Frontier tells Rochester, NY 'You don't need FiOS' (

HaloZero writes: "Frontier Communications feels that rolling out FiOS service to it's Rochester, NY market is unnecessary, despite having just bought some of Verizon's FiOS assets. From TFA: "The general manager of Frontier’s Rochester division, told WHAM-TV reporter Rachel Barnhart the company believes its current DSL service is more than adequate for residents in the company’s largest service area. This, despite the fact Frontier recently adopted a handful of FiOS markets purchased from Verizon Communications. While Frontier has promised to continue delivering the fiber-to-the-home service in areas already offered the service started by Verizon, they have no plans to expand FiOS.""

Submission + - Sony: $400 80GB PS3, No Backwards Compatability (

HaloZero writes: "Sony just announced at E3 that it's cutting the price of the 80GB PS3 to $400 in September. Unlike the outgoing 80 gigger, the new model doesn't have backwards compatibility, though — so it's really more like the the 40GB PS3 is getting a capacity bump. That also means that the 80GB PS3 now costs the same as a 60GB 360 and an Xbox Live membership. Will this entice those holdouts to get one, finally, or is the price still too steep?"
PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - BlackBerry Service in US Suffers Widespread Outage

HaloZero writes: "ComputerWorld reports that the popular BlackBerry email service hosted by RIM has suffered a major network outage in the 'entire Western hemisphere.' The speculation is that the loss of one of the two Network Operation Centers in Canada caused the outage. As of right now, my BlackBerry email service (carried by Cingular) is working fine, while the rest of our team (who uses Verizon), is in the dark. Our T-Mobile people haven't complained yet, though they usually do that by way of email anyway."
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Embedded Appliance-Specific Platforms?

HaloZero writes: "Having just recently discovered pfSense, I am now looking for a platform to run it on. It's running currently on a 2.2GHz P4 with a gig of RAM, and that seems to be way, way too overkill for this type of application. The box itself is also huge in comparison to what I'm used to having as my 'firewall' appliance. I've done some looking into MiniITX stuff like the VIA EPIA offerings (and those seem to be the most promising), but the cases are still very large. I'd prefer a device that offers me a small case, compact flash (or an IDE port) fanless, and atleast three ethernet ports. Has anyone out there had any success with any of these small, embedded platforms? Form factors, hardware, their cases, loading media onto the device — what else should I be wary of?; that sort of thing. For the sake of argument, pfSense's hardware requirements are pretty basic; a 233MHz CPU and 128MB of RAM will do you just fine."
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - LEGO Star Wars II: A Quality Control Failure

HaloZero writes: "The LucasArts PC Support Forums are peppered with the complaints of more than a few pissed off gamers (and atleast one reported case of a child's tears) at the release quality of the latest LEGO Star Wars title. The game has a pretty high rate of critical failure during the install process. It seems that an error occurs with the latest version of WinTrustVerify — a .NET control — when it tries to verify the main .cab-inet file. The game seems to have a better installation success rate on underpatched versions of Windows. Still, in most cases, a total reinstall of XP Pro SP2 won't affect a change in the outcome. There were a couple of minor fixes posted — one of which was a questionable, hacked .msi file — but they didn't work for me, or my roommate. The end result is that there are many people who've burned $30 on a game that doesn't function properly. How long should we wait for a fix?"

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