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Submission + - Software Patents in New Zealand Dead. Again. (

Hairy1 writes: Wellington, New Zealand. Minister of Commerce Simon Power confirms that software will be included as an exception to the Patent Bill currently before Parliament. After the initial announcement made earlier this year that software patents would be excluded from patentability significant pressure was applied by "NZICT", an organisation representing the major multinational IT vendors. After a meeting with NZICT on June 9 the Minister initially appeared to change course, saying that a modification may be made and raising fears that behind the scenes lobbying had derailed the transparent Select Committee process. Those fears are now quiet after the Minister confirmed that the Bill would be adopted by Parliament as recommended by the Select Committee.

Submission + - Internet Blackout over Copyright

Hairy1 writes: From now to the 23rd of February there has been a call from the Creative Freedom organisation in New Zealand to black out web pages in support of its opposition of legislation that will cut off peoples internet connections on accusations of copyright infringement. In their press release they show how already there is wide support from the New Zealand internet community. The site claims: The week will culminate in a major web blackout on Monday the 23rd seeing blogs and websites "dimming the lights" as a means of drawing attention to the issue that could leave New Zealander's in the dark when they face having their internet cut off. Hundreds of confirmed participants include Kiwiblog, Zoomin and Public Address with more to be announced over the coming week.

Submission + - Closed source phones more secure than open

Hairy1 writes: "The New Zealand Herald has printed a story quoting from security software firm F-Secure who say that "If Android becomes a fully open platform ... and when such a platform becomes more common, risks are greater than with the current platform kings such as Symbian." Ironically this assertion has not been supported in other areas, such as Desktop Linux, which continues to experience very few viruses. In fact if anything Linux is a proven performer in terms of security. Already there is considerable interest in phones like the OpenMoko which will be released this year."

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