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Comment Fuck you Linus you fucking finnish shit eater!!! (Score -1, Offtopic) 82

Linus Torvalds is a god damn thief!!! When I installed Linux it asked me for my credit card number. Two days later I got a call from Wachovia asking me if I had purchased $400 worth of Totino's pizza rolls and Mountain Dew (I hadn't). Let this be a warning to all of you out there on the Internet.

Comment Re:Even if the answer is no... (Score 1) 515

An hour? No. But you didn't do what I asked.

Actually, I did. I opened up my network monitor and opened up a video. Amazingly hard task apparently.

Heh. 256 meg machine, full-quality Hulu video.

Yeah, and? The video played back choppy but that didn't mean much since that was due to the CPU. All I cared about was network throughput which was just as much as on the other machine at 512. I'm sorry, but XP handles just fine with either amount of memory on the network traffic.

Comment Re:amazing (Score 1) 515

Where are people getting 22mbps over cable? Or is it fiber?

No, it's cable. Cable modems support up to 30mbps. For example here a link from what I have with Time Warner: http://www.timewarnercable.com/centraltx/Products/Internet/rrpremium.html

Introducing Road Runner Turbo with PowerBoost. All the features and functionality of Road Runner super-charged with up to 22 Mbps of download speed and up to 2 Mbps of upload speed.

Comcast has 25mbps+ cable speeds in some cities as well.

And why do your parents need that kind of bandwidth? Email? Web Browsing? YouTube? Torrent Seeding?

Downloading and all sorts of things. Why wouldn't they need that speed? My parents aren't computer illiterate dumbasses so they can do with it whatever they please I guess.

And if the extra 256MB keeps XP from paging, it may get you close to 2x.

Possibly, but you are hardly going to get a ton of paging going on at 512 megs that is going to make that big of a difference. If my parents computer can max out at 22mbps with all the crap that is running on it, then you'd have to be doing some seriously memory hogging to get it to get as bad as the stupid stats in the article.

Comment Re:Even if the answer is no... (Score 1) 515

Yes, it really doesn't take that long to open up a network monitor, go to the site and then open up a file to play. Was it supposed to take me an hour to do such an extraordinarily simple set of tasks? This test in the article is seriously stupid, but so are the claims that XP somehow can't use the full speed of someone's connection at 512 megs of RAM. Especially when all the people claiming it have as much evidence to back up their claims as the person in the article does for theirs (none).

Comment Re:Even if the answer is no... (Score 0, Flamebait) 515

And just to further add, I've already stated this whole test is full of shit. My parents have a XP box with 512 megs of RAM that is running all sorts of bullshit crap all the time (cause they think they need all manor of crap running on the systray) and they max out their 22mbps cable connection. It's just hilarious to see all the stupid "BUT IT HAD MORE MEMORY!!" comebacks to try to invalidate this idiotic "test" from the article.

Comment Re:The world had its taste of freedom... (Score 1) 309

The blacklist MUST be public. If it isn't then yes political speech can be restricted. Frankly it all ready is in much of the EU anyway.

What exact good is it going to do to have a public blacklist when it's illegal for any citizen in the country to verify that the site is legitimately blocked? Do you even think through the shit you type?

Comment Re:amazing (Score 4, Interesting) 515

Yeah people keep claiming this with no real data to prove it up so it's about as worthless as the shit that the article claims. My parents have an XP box with only 512 megs of RAM and it easily maxes out at the 22mbps that they have. And that's with a half dozen apps open and at least 8 things running in the background on the systray. Seriously, the extra 256 megs of RAM isn't going to give you magically 2x the bandwidth.

Comment Re:Good luck with that! (Score 1) 520

No, more like rulings handed down by a judge that you violate put you in extreme risks of getting your ass sued for tons of money. Seriously, your scheme is about the stupidest thing a company could do especially in light of how obvious it would to see that you were violating relevant copyright and other IP laws. Only someone completely brain dead, apparently someone like you, would do this.

Comment Re:Expected (Score 1) 1654

I've been writing software for 14 years and I too had to search Google for information on supported wi-fi chipsets and what appropriate tools to use. According to your logic I'm a hack.

Nope, unless you were trying to use your title of software engineer as some sort of boasting about how much knowledge you have.

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