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Comment Re:Dear Rich Bastard (Score 1) 135

I am quite sure they used something like that - but branch codes internally were 3 characters, encoded into a ton of different systems and database schema - and after reaching 999 they decided instead of changing all the systems to allow for longer codes to go with alphanumeric, as (I suppose) they were already using strings to store them in most places, but of limited fixed length.

(I know how "afraid" our own IT @work is about some database schema changes, that would involve huge table copies taking days and dangers of replication trees breaking)

Comment Selling to end-users can make sense (aka money) (Score 1) 107

Having a seperate energy company selling to end users can make sense.

Imagine you have 2MW power generation capacity, and you need 2MW for your own (in this case datacenter) usage, and you have the brand to attract end customers.

You could use your own power - but why, when instead you could sell 2MW "green" energy at the higher market rate to end users, and buy 2 MW "dirty power" at the lower wholesale rate, and keep the price difference.

Comment Re:Simply penalize the company (Score 1) 259

It is not "the company" sending you emails, it is people.

Most of the time (at least for me) work-emails are not from my boss (or his boss), but from colleagues more or less on the same level as me, even if from other departments/countries - how would that work there?

Some of our departments work shifts (mine doesn't), and naturally I receive emails every time of the day - but luckily noone expects me to answer 24/7 - even if I glance at the mails on my phone at home I rarely answer before I'm back in the office.

And I can also see the "hey nice person next desk, you'll mail me, and I'll mail you" deals ;)

Comment Re:disruptive technology always starts out inferio (Score 1) 386

And not to forget: Trucks!

The trucking corporations can save a lot of money if they wouldn't need to stop every few hours because the driver has to pause or sleep. Even if someone is still on board to drive the small streets and for loading, he would be able to rest while the truck goes down the interstate, and be fresh when he is really needed again.

Could even work for the bigger corps to have a pool of people waiting at a reststop, take over an arriving truck, drive it into the neighbourhood, unload, reload, drive back to the nearest reststop and send it on its way to the next city - and directly afterwards take over the next arriving.

Right now testing and developing the details is just way easier with smaller personal cars than big 40t machines.

Comment Re:Also human (Score 1) 277

These long expire times are worse for a company than things happening every year!

When you leave, the next guy retains perhaps 80% of your knowledge about this, the guy after him still has maybe 50% of your info, with less and less stuff still known after each new person or reorg.

If the renewal is supposed to happen in 10 years - how many people will have it on their radar THEN?

"But it always just worked, we never had to do anything"

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