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Submission + - SPAM: How to prolong the lifespan of filter for Domino printers

HUAX writes: "Domino printer is convenient to use. To avoid faults, timely and proper daily maintenance is necessary. Professional shall be arranged to handle the maintenance stuff and make sure the machine not to be moved in the progress of production.

1. Examine the level of ink and solvent everyday.
To examine the level of ink and solvent, open the door of ink system. Refill it according to the procedures when it is too low. Pay attention that it will precipitate with an over laden level. It is a waste of Domino ink and also not good for the printing quality.

2. Replace the filter regularly according to the manual.
To replace the filter regularly according to the manual is also an important part of the maintenance. Ink precipitate is easy to cause unstable operation of Domino printer. What’s more, the force pump will speed up because of filter clogging, which would do harm to the life of the pump. Regular replacement of the filter shall prolong the life of the pressure pump.
3. Clean the filter net and fan every week.
The air filter net can protect the electronic system from the dust. Regular cleaning to the filter net and the fan is important to keep the system in ventilation and normal temperature.

4. Examine the viscosity of the ink.
Ink viscosity is vital to the stable operation of Domino printers. High viscosity increases the load of the vacuum pump easily and may destroy the motor coil. Low viscosity makes the pressure pump revolute in a high speed, which shall shorten the life of the pump after a period of time.

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Submission + - Eight normal failures to Domino Printer (huax-printing.com) 1

Domino Printer writes: "1. Overlarge static
We must install Domino printer according to the operation manual, and connect the ground wire regarding to criterion, so as to guarantee reasonable depth and nice conduction. During the process, we can use test pencil as assistance.

2. Unsharp printing
After long term use of Domino printer, unsharp printing is an inevitable failure. In this case, we need to check the nozzle firstly, and then clean the deflector plate and nozzle after shutting down of the machine. What's more, please make sure the print head is dry. Finally, repeat the above processes one more time.

3. Input method
For Chinese users, Domino inkjet printer insert Chinese character spelling but without integrated font library. So the users should transfer the information by dot matrix drawing or chip according to the operating manual. But the normal way is to ask for help from Domino after service department.

4. Nozzle blocking
Nozzle blockings are caused by long time shutdown or non-standard shutdown of the Domino inkjet printer. Thus, shutting down the machine according to normal procedure is required; While for long time shutdown of the machine, please manually clean the nozzle for several times.

5. Unstable pressure
For Domino inkjet printer, pressure pump is the pressure source and hub. If there is problem to the pressure pump, there could be series of failures brought by pressure issue. In this case, we need to firstly check whether there is problem to the pressure pump, and then whether there is Domino filter blocking.

6. No character printing
Sometimes no matter how we adjust the machine, there would still be no character printed out, this might not be the problem of Domino inkjet printer. We need to check whether the print head cover is well installed, because if the cover is not tightly installed, the ink will be sprayed inside the cover, which creates an illusion of printing failure.

7. Intermittent recycle
The design of Domino printer recycle slot is relatively reasonable, the revolving sound "zi-zi" can be heard sometimes when recycling the ink. If the sound is not strong or intermittent, please check whether there could be recycling problem. What we need to do is to start from ink line system and clean any ink line that is related to recycle system to guarantee smooth recycle circulation.

8. Half-baked character
The settings of character height and amplitude are very important. If there comes problem of half-baked character, the amplitude of Domino inkjet printer is needed to be adjusted, because the height of the printing character is also under the control of deflecting voltage.

Notes: The copyrights are owned by Huax Technology Co.,Ltd. Please quote it as reference upon reproduction.



Submission + - How will the users choose the consumable items (huax-printing.com)

HUAX writes: "With the unceasingly development of technology, industrial inkjet printers are more and more widely used in all of the packaging industry. So now we know what the industrial inkjet printer is used for, but do we know what kind of consumerable item is needed by the industrial inkjet printer?

Industrial inkjet printer is the outcome of high technology, the nozzle is very small with the diameter of 40-70 micron. Meanwhile, high character performance and adhesion is needed. What's more, strict craft and quality control is required during each process of the production of the consumable items. And the products come after the process of material examination, purification, burdening, grinding, reverberation, invariant, three stage filtration, filling, checking,etc. Thus, the requirements to ink and diluent is very high. That's why the user should make the correct choice when selecting the consumable items for their industrial inkjet printers.

1.Ink is made from resin, solvent, pigment,etc. While diluent is made from solvent, active agent, invariant agent.The recipe and manufacturing craft is stirctly required. Each manufactuer of industrial inkjet printer supply the ink according to the function of the industrial inkjet printer and printing material. To make sure the stable running of the industrial inkjet printer, the original ink from the industrial inkjet printer producer is seriously suggested. Although in the market there is much substitution ink, all of which is declared to have the same function and effect as the original, and can be generally used. While actually, after period of usage, there comes problems to the inkjet printer. The small unprofessional facotry can't produce the general used consumable items, even for the big manufacturers can't make the ink with the same effect as the orignal. Therefore, the inkjet printers should work with the ink supplied by the orignal producer.

2.Diluent is specially developed according to the characteristic of the ink to frequently to compensate the basic stock loss of the ink when the industrial inkjet printer is working, as well as to repair the destroy caused by the reflux of the ink.Obviously, the subsitute can't satisfy these function, which could be very harmful to the industrial inkjet printer. Simply, the subsitute could result in bad effect to ink split, low deflecting force and bad performance to the printing character. Seriously, the industrial inkjet printer can't start up. That is to say, the industrial inkjet printer would be regularly broken down or even end its life without using the orginal produced diluent.

3. Besides ink, diluent, cleaning solution is also needed to the industrial inkjet printer. It is used for rinsing the nozzle and the ink splashed down. The general comsumable items supplier will supply different clearning solution according to differnt ink. The requirements to the recipe and craft for the cleaning solution is much more simple. The most commonly used cleaning solutions are acetone, butanone, pentanone, alcohol,etc. The user could choose the cleaning solutions according to the basic stock of the printing ink. However, we still suggest using the original type of cleanning solution for guarantee.

Therefore, when the industrial inkjet printer is purchased, the supplers will tell their customer what type of ink, diluent, cleaning solutions they need to purchase. The users just follow these guides to avoid damage caused by wrong using of the consumable items.

Notes: The copyrights are owned by Huax Technology Co.,Ltd.Please quote it as reference upon reproduction.



Submission + - How to choose Inkjet Printers (huax-printing.com)

HUAX writes: "Nowadays,inkjet printers are used as a function of anti-fake label. Many manufacturers will use inkjet printers to specialy indentify their products to prevent them from being forged.
However, what should be paid attention to when the manufacturers are choosing inkjet printers? What they should think about? How to choose the most suitable inkjet printers?
The following six issues will help you to find the satisfied inkjet printers.
1. Wonderful printing effect.
      The characters printed by the inkjet printers should be clear and beautiful. In present markets, all inkjet printers can print multi-lines, so if your inkjet printers can only print a single line or the printing effect is not good, just change them.
2. Printing speed
      The production rate is very fast, so if the printing speed can’t catch up the production rate, we can’t get the indentification effect, then these inkjet printers are far beyond what we require.
3. Stability
      During the producing process, if the printing effect is not good, or the inkjet printers stop working regularly, then these inkjet printers are useless. Stable working effect is required to the inkjet printers.
4. Ink adhersion
      Good quality ink is a must. If the characters keep on wet for a long time after the printing, then how can we how can we get the indentification.
5. Easy operation
      The interface of the inkjet printers should be easy and simple as well as the process for changing ink, which is much more convenient for maintainence.
6. Nice adaptability to the environment
      The inkjet printer shell should be fully-sealed to be fit for hostile environment.
If the inkjet printers can meet all the requirements mentioned above, then your choice is very correct.

Notes: The copyrights are owned by Huax Technology Co.,Ltd.Please quote it as reference upon reproduction.


Submission + - How to correctly use handheld inkjet printer (huax-printing.com)

HUAX writes: "What is the right way to use handheld inkjet printer? Now in the followings, let's introduce the right mathods, hope this would be helpful to you.

Operation to handheld inkjet printer:

1. Different from other equipments, handheld inkjet printer's working theory is electrostatic deflection,so wonderful grounding is required. When it is bad grounding, the elecrostatic would accumulate to a certain degree,then arize sparkle which could cause fire. Meanwhile, bad grounding can bring bad printing quality, unsatisfied ink split,etc.

2. As known to all, water has the characteristic of eletric conduction in most conditions. Thus, water is not allowed injected into ink. Inkjet printer needs presicion charging to the ink, so water is very sensitive to the ink. In the process of using inkjet printer, please be careful in order not to catch fire. Any used cleaning material, like cleaning paper could be a fire hazard.All theser material must be safely recycled after using. Water is the wrong way to extinguish the fire caused by electronic equipment. For the fire,like caused by nitration cellulose ink, has to be extinguished by water, we have to cut the eletricity firstly.

3. Ink and detergent has the characteristic of causticity. So do not make any direct touch with them to skin, eye, nose,etc. In the case of splitted by these liquids, please wash the relavant parts of the body by water for a quarter. If still feel uncomfortable, please see a doctor in time. Most of the ink is easily volatile and breathed into lung, so enough ventilation equipments are needed.

More suggestions about purchasing of inkjet printer, usage, maintainence, please feel free to contact with our specialist.

Notes: The copyrights are owned by Huax Technology Co.,Ltd.Please quote it as reference upon reproduction.

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