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Comment Why I won't submit to Slashdot again (Score 1) 306

I submitted the very same information a 11:39 AM. ( My submission never saw the light of day... Again. Since I won't go on Facebook asking anyone to vote on my submissions, and it simply doesn't show being presented later by someone else, coming here to post is a waste of time. So, I won't waste time with the pointless task of trying to share on Slashdot.

Submission + - Online courses blocked in countries like Cuba, Iran, Syria and Sudan (

HSkirts writes: A prominent US provider of free, online top university courses – and one that prides itself on taking knowledge to the third world – has now blocked students from Syria, Iran and a few other countries on the grounds that they are under US sanctions.

Federal regulations prohibit U.S. businesses from offering services to countries subject to economic sanctions — a list that includes Cuba, Iran, Syria and Sudan — but as recently as this month, students in those countries were still able to access Coursera’s MOOCs. When a student last week attempted to log in from a Syrian IP address, the website produced an error message:
“Our system indicates that you are attempting to access the Coursera site from an IP address associated with a country currently subject to U.S. economic and trade sanctions. In order for Coursera to comply with U.S. export controls, we cannot allow you access to the site.”

Submission + - Second code found in DNA (

HSkirts writes: "Scientists have discovered a secret second code hiding within DNA which instructs cells on how genes are controlled. The amazing discovery is expected to open new doors to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, according to a new study."

Submission + - Monsanto's glyphosate in 44% of Europeans, study shows (

HSkirts writes: Despite considered relatively non-toxic, there are groups of scientists concerned that glyphosate may disrupt the human hormone system, be an 'endocrine disruptor', cause DNA damage and even cancer. One of the recent reviews, conducted by MIT, also highlighted dangerous health effects of glyphosate, including increased cancer risk, neurotoxicity, and birth defects, as well as eye, skin, and respiratory irritation.
It is still unclear how 90% of Malta residents, 70% of Germans and UK have that chemical in their urine samples.


Submission + - U.S. programmer outsources own job (

HSkirts writes: "This is is great example of entrepreneurship. Bob subcontracts his job to Chinese programmers and even gets to be rewarded for his excellent performance, his "clean, well written" coding. "The best developer in the building."
In reality he watched cats online."

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