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Comment Re:Summary sucks. (Score 1) 663

Ars Technica has a readership who believe that market share and share prices are the defacto standard of quality in IT. Even if the majority of its contributors were not staunch Microsoft fanatics (they are by and large), it would be extremely difficult to keep the readership happy without putting the boot in to Google, Apple, and Linux (in ascending order of ferocity) at every possible opportunity. One could say the same thing about Slashdot of course, but for me the big difference is that the Slashdot readership seem to at least have some self awareness of their bias. Ars' staff and readership actually think that they present a "balanced" viewpoint!

Ex-Sun Chief Dishes Dirt On Gates, Jobs 241

alphadogg writes "Former CEO of Sun Microsystems Jonathan Schwartz has taken to his personal blog, provocatively titled 'What I couldn't say ...,' to dish some industry dirt and tell his side of the story about the demise of Sun. He has already hinted at plans to write a book, and a new post suggests a tell-all tome could indeed be in the offing. 'I feel for Google — Steve Jobs threatened to sue me, too,' Schwartz writes, apparently referring to Apple's patent lawsuit against HTC, which makes Google's Nexus One smartphone. As for Bill Gates, Schwartz says he was threatening regarding Sun's efforts in the office software space."

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