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Submission + - SPAM: Our DC Power Jack for Compaq Presario CQ50 series

HF005 writes: AC DC Power Pin Port Input IBM 1400 socket

AC DC Power Pin Port Input IBM 1500 socket

AC DC Power Jack Lenovo Rectangular for SL500 FRU 93p4367

AC DC Power Pin Port Input Lenovo C100 C200

AC DC Power Pin Port Input Lenovo 3000 N100 N200

DC301000J00 Lenovo 3000 N100 N200 C200

AC DC Power Pin Port Input Lenovo Y710

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Submission + - SPAM: Dismantling the classics IBM 600E

HF005 writes: BM600 ([url=[spam URL stripped] ThinkPad R52 1870 Connector Power Jack[/url])is the history of IBM's most classic generation model, predecessor of t-series, his place is most proud of so far, there is not a model of the keyboard feel able to go beyond. One integrated keyboard design at a cost of up to 100 million dollars, most also created a design! Whole machine design is very solid, durability is very strong!

Demolition of difficulty than General of notebook to large some, because keyboard this part is a overall, first Rotary Xia bottom of all screws, optical drive pull Hou, below also has two star, split finished screws now can slowly of lift up keyboard of entire Panel has, note in display below of on both sides of hinge cover Board is even in together of, so to first brushed aside this local, lift up Hou with tools brushed aside inside of two a wiring (is keyboard and Board of connection line, are is Jack type)

Then computer Board and thermal fan on full exposure has, carefully of split Xia fan Shang of screws, note then fan still does not to took down, because CPU board Shang has a star screws in fixed with it, Rotary Xia CPU Shang of 3 star screws, gently lift up CPU of corner, slowly of on can pull fan has, then uniform strong pull CPU, this star is before of P2 366 of CPU, camera overall internal work very solid, welding worked hard loaded rigorous, are model!

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Submission + - SPAM: dc-powerjack

HF005 writes: "We offer high quality laptop AC DC power supply socket; if you're a computer repair technician, if you repair this demand, then please contact us"
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