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Comment Re:Security Holes (Score 1) 232

Which I fully intend to do, the only bit I shall not be releasing are the encryption keys used to deliver updates via HTTPS. I'll be adding a public SVN repo soon with all the code I've written for people to criticize and improve upon.

Comment Re:Focus on the A levels (Score 1) 232

Thanks. :D I was thinking of doing Computer Science at the University of York if I got accepted, wanted to do Computer Science for as long as I can remember, my sister went there and so I've seen much of the course material and I love it (except the Maths modules, anyway). My passion isn't in commercial ventures at all, that's just the only way I can fund the server, since donations alone don't cover it. Thanks for the advice, anyways!

Comment Re:Arrr! (Score 1) 232

And maybe to see if I can get noticed by some companies

Well, you are clearly orchestrating the distribution of copyrighted items to millions of internet users, AND the ads on your website are going to bring in a bit of money, so you should be expecting a call by the MPAA/RIAA or similar in a day or so ... ;)

The Chromium OS code is open-source, what I'm doing is perfectly fine.

Comment Re:Arrr! (Score 5, Insightful) 232

And enjoy the ad revenues, you deserve them!

I'm putting money from the ads back into paying for the server/bandwidth, more users means more bandwidth for the updates, and bandwidth isn't free. I do this because I enjoy making/doing something people find useful, not to make a profit. And maybe to see if I can get noticed by some companies, that too. ;)

Comment Re:OK. I need a Karma whore. (Score 5, Informative) 232

I don't get who this guy is. He was the source for ChromeOS builds?!? Google dropped it?! How does this guy handle Google's builds?

I don't get it.

ChromeOS Zero - what's so special about it?

These builds take the ChromiumOS source provided by Google, and just improve upon it and deviate slightly from the direction Google is going in. Google is tailoring to a very limited set of devices, but really, there are a lot of people on a very wide range of hardware who would like to use ChromiumOS, and so I'm trying to make it more accessible/usable. I'm also providing updates automatically with the launch of the updater beta, to remove the need for frequent reimages to stay up to date.

Comment Re:chromeOS can't set proxy - without internet! (Score 3, Informative) 232

I was testing an earlier ChromeOS build in VMWare and although it worked OK when at home, on a network with proxy went to click the option to configure proxy, it opens up another tab in the browser - "Page cannot be displayed" - the proxy page couldn't be displayed unless I already had an internet connection working, and without setting the proxy I couldn't get an internet connection.

You need to do it via terminal right now sorry since there's no UI in place, edit /usr/bin/chromeos-chrome-login and chromeos-chrome-loop to add the --proxy-server flag to the bottom.

Comment Re:Arrr! (Score 5, Interesting) 232

At this stage (nconsidering it's a one-man show) you still need to roll your own: http://www.downloadsquad.com/2009/12/04/how-to-convert-hexxehs-chrome-os-build-image-to-a-virtualbox-v/

Conversion is broken in Zero, you'll need to download Cherry for that, I'm working on it, but like you said, one man show and I have college too. :/ http://chromeos.hexxeh.net/ChromeOS-Cherry.torrent for the cherry build. Thanks for the slashdotting, guys. :D


Submission + - Chromium OS builds for the desktop (hexxeh.net)

charliesome writes: Hexxeh, a student from the United Kingdom, is hosting custom builds of Google's Chromium OS designed for boot of a USB stick. His builds, named after Coca Cola products, are super fast and slim versions of the aforementioned OS. The current release is Cherry, although work on an even slimmer version, Zero is underway.

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