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Comment Other channels for information (Score 1) 146

Police regularly request and usually receive camera footage from businesses, particularly footage of streets and sidewalks but sometimes internal footage as well. I worked in the 'security' industry for a while, this has been my direct experience, not hearsay :) I saw dozens of requests over a couple years from 10 storefronts and only once did I see a warrant and I never saw a request refused. The main impediment to police's unfettered access to camera systems is the diversity of bad systems out there. It's difficult to get info out of some DVR/NVR systems for various reasons, user knowledge, design, and the police's ability to, say, receive emails with attachments or download a file from dropbox. Seriously. I kid you not. Anyway, the more networked and user friendly these products become the more the police will have easy unfettered access.

Comment casual carpool - looking for input (Score 1) 144

I'm researching the casual carpool setup in the San Francisco bay area to find ways to make it work better. I do *not* nescecarily think this needs an app, in fact I'd be happy if this project didn't result in one, but one thing I've found is currently, there are none. No ride-sharing apps to facilitate casual carpool (or slug-line as they call it on the east coast). Kind of crazy right? If anyone out there is working on a similar project I'd love to share notes. I have some publicly funded studies in hand, and a small team of people working on their own time on the project. This is conceived as a free beer and speech project not commercial. Message me here, I'll remember to check sometime next week, or find dana dane on fb.

Comment infrared jamming (Score 2) 276

I just read recently, and I have not confirmed this from a second source yet, that the plate readers rely on infrared at night. This is *not* how speedcameras like the ones used in toll booths work but it does make sense the on-board cameras might work this way. Privacy can be improved by adding some IR lights to your licence plate lights. This will blow out the image unless they have image processing on the camera dedicated to dealing with this kind of thing. You will need some decent IR to be effective, some experimentation will be needed to find out how many lumens are needed, but I'm pretty sure it's achievable with modern IR LEDs. In daylight their IR filters will be down and this will be completely ineffective, you can point a 1 watt IR LED directly at a camera with an IR filter and it won't bother it in the least.

Comment open garden (Score 2) 45

Open Garden - I tried version pre v1.0 during anonymous protests of wifi shutdowns on public trans. and it was not working very well (at all) but they're at v 2.0 now from the website: "Seamless connectivity allows people to connect any supported device to the mesh and thus to the Internet with no effort or configuration... introducing a way to access the Internet over multiple paths at once, improving speed and reliability... Once connected, devices find a path to the Internet also completely automatically. If a path fails, a new one will be chosen; if necessary, new connections will be established. The network is self-healing and self-forming. Each of the nodes operates only with local knowledge; together, they build a network using a probabilistic distributed algorithm."

Comment solutions (Score 1) 131

I've some professional experience with camera systems and I can echo/add the following - 1) use multiple types of sensors. Zigbee based devices, or for a larger office building type scenario something like ubiquiti's mFi. Most cameras have I/O and many have an SDK you can mash up something that fits your exact needs but watch out for 2) all these camera companies have complicated learning curves for their hardware, few on-line support communities compared to other hardware categories I work with, little documentation, few reviews, and pretty insane price levels for their digital offerings which brings me to 3) analog cameras have enormous value, if you do some careful shopping you can find good resolution and features for 1/4th the price of digital - I like CnB's products but there are others equally good. If you go analog you won't get on-camera analytics and will need some additional hardware on the DVR side.

for digital cameras look at Vivotek for value, and Axis for very professional 'just works' functionality. Axis' software and firmware feels properly engineered and well designed, something I can't say for any other brand I've worked with. They're 30%+ more expensive than Vivotek and similar /digress.

on the dvr side, you have to match the software to your needs, there are no 'great' packages out there. I've had good experiences with 3VR, who also have a decent SDK, but they're Axis-level in price. Identify a few of your specific needs and keep a tight focus on just those and you'll find a decent solution. Think hybrid with other types of sensors and keep a level, practical head and expect a lot of effort and you will do well, otherwise find a security systems integrator :)

Comment arsenic and children - personal story (Score 1) 168

high levels of arsenic : my boy is still being evaluated, he came down with something ... best way to describe it is autism with a 6 week onset at 6 years old, but it's not autism, more ASD, it's hard to describe, but suffice to say horrible, and a very good team of doctors (Dr House style) keep ordering more tests, eliminating things, showing nothing. so far the best lead is he has elevated levels of arsenic. He was in Chile over Christmas, there are copper mines there creating high levels of arsenic and chromium in the drinking water, enough so downstream the shellfish are not completely converting the inorganic arsenic into organic, and both, sad to say, are completely under-studied, especially in children.

There is one other kid who was in chile over christmas with the same symptoms, treated in a different medical center, nothing yet.


We don't know yet, it's only correlation.

Have a nice life

Comment Re:Journalist? (Score 1) 1204

wait, so i find a hundred dollar bill on the floor of a bar. I look around, ask people near by, did you drop this? I wait, see if anyone is checking for the bill. I'm supposed to give it to the bartender, or go to the nearest police station to turn it in?

seriously, people. I'm kinda shocked so many people are crying 'thief!'

Comment Re:"Hi, is this the genius bar? Lemme explain..." (Score 1) 1204

The llama is correct and that is pretty much how it went down. The issue is 'reasonable attempt' and so long as they define reasonable reasonably then that attempt was made this & will all be fine for everyone involved.

Apple is just throwing a hissy fit and do you have any doubt they leaned on the DA to get this thing rolling?

Comment Re:Please email to inquire about licensing (Score 1) 252

my email to Eolas:

I run a consulting company currently working on projects to enhance customer-interactivity with staff and entertainers at gentleman's clubs websites. I'm considering several avenues, some of which utilizes AJAX technologies in conjunction with plug-ins for rich media (notably flash but other plug-ins are under consideration). I'm extremely interested in licensing the intellectual property you own for this endeavor in advance of any serious development.

Additionally it would be helpful if I could have a clear picture of which technologies you currently own intellectual rights to so I can map appropriate alternative strategies for deployment in case we fail to come to terms on a licensing agreement for our websites to run fully-interactive embedded applications through the use of plug-ins and AJAX.

The project's initial scope is 11 club websites with a larger rollout possible in the future. I don't know if you require visitor information or just the number of website implementations, please let me know and I can provide additional information.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

[sig line]

Comment Re:Great goals (Score 1) 792

I'm not sure this was a troll as modded - in case it wasn't, I'd like to say:

I don't know how it would look today, but what I remember from the mid 90s is it was a freaking jet fighter compared to the sopwith camels of the day.

The only problem is it's really, really hard to get a new OS going. Even when you have a jet fighter and everyone else has biplanes, it's almost impossible (RIP Be, and Amiga) So, maybe what we need is a better iteration of what we have? Unless virtualization allows new in-roads for OSs that didn't exist before...

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