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Comment Old Magazines: PC Format (issue 5) (Score 1) 422

There are about 100 issues PC Format in my bookcase. I still have (nearly) all the disks (5.25" and 3.5"), CD's (also nostalgic now :-). My first issue was issue 5 from 1992 featuring reviews of: - Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge (need I say more?) - Falcon 3.0 (awesome F16 simulator at the time) - Oh no! More Lemmings Find more old magazines here:

Comment Re:And that means...? (Score 1) 204

What it also lacks is a comparison with locally installed games, using the same test setup and method. They could easily do the same tests with locally installed games and publish the differences in measured latency. That would have been far more informative and would make the results easier to interpret. It would for one have prevented the confusion between network latency and the total latency between input event (keyboard press) and the display of its result (movement on display screen), which was measured in this test.

Comment Re:Head - Desk... (Score 1) 204

Damn it, kids, Latency and bandwidth are not the same thing and anybody who makes that mistake should be forced to use a "1Gb/s" connection via fedex.

Indeed, but one should never underestimate the bandwidth of a truck full of tapes!

Comment NASA on software development for the space shuttle (Score 3, Interesting) 220

A few years ago I read an excellent article on how NASA develops software for the space shuttle. It focuses on the development process. The article is quite long, but well written, informative and entertaining. Read it here:

Comment Video? (Score 1) 640

HyperTEXT Markup Language. Why is W3C maling such a fuss about video? I'd rather have that they concentrate on making a good, consistent specification for HTML, than spend time on video. After all it's only been 10 years since 4.01 was published.

Comment Re:Errr...isn't this illegal? (Score 1) 274

1 big but. This all takes place in The Netherlands were US law has no ground. But we do have similar laws and quite strict privacy protection laws. The aforementioned e-mail has now been removed, probably because of the privacy laws. I am a firm believer in that the everybody should live under the same laws. But this company has not really respected our privacy and it is a bit ironic that now they appeal to the privacy laws.

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