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Comment Reasons I don't goto the theater any more (Score 1) 400

Not ranked in any importance but heres the list...

$11.50 to see a 2D matinee on a Saturday/Sunday afternoon. Other days its at least 2 dollars above matinee price. 3D movies are at least 2 dollars above those costs. At these costs, I can just wait 6 months to a year and buy the Blu-ray and enjoy it at home as many times as I want.

I do not want to see a 3D movie because I'm not interested in sitting there with the 3D glasses on, and the extra costs are just not worth it to me. I'm also not sure how I will react to 3D, I have heard some people have had bad reactions.

Can't watch the movie when I want to. I have to go when they have the times set. This is a minor argument cause it doesn't bother me too much unless I have to wait late in the afternoon to actually go see the movie, some of them have not had the first showing till 2:00 or 2:30pm.

Can't cause if I need to use the washroom. This is one reason why I never drink anything for at least a few hours before the movie and go to the can before hand.

Not really related to why I don't go to the theater but a big grip none the less, food prices are crazy high. I always hit the dollar store before hand. Why pay 2.50 cents for a 600ml bottle of pop, when I can pick up one for a buck. Other food is just too expensive I don't even bother looking at the prices, thought I know the small nachos with cheese were more then 6 bucks. For 2 bucks, I could get a full bag of party mix.

What could they change to get me back into the theaters and buying their food? Drop the price by at least 50%. That would get me back into theaters and buying at least the nachos with cheese I love.

I also do not have a choice when it comes to theaters, as far as I can tell, there is only 1 owner of all the theaters in my area so there is no competition which would help keep prices lower.

Comment Re:This ruling .... (Score 0) 112

Cons, NDP, BQ, and Green are no better then them.

Cons have lots of scandals going on too and once they got majority government they rammed all the bad idea bills down peoples throats and turned them into laws.

NDP have been doing naughty stuff, least by the looks of it.

BQ want to rip the country apart and are basically only in Quebec. Only way they should be able to run for federal government is to have people voted into office in every province.

Green, well they are really small and don't know squat about them, but give them time and they will be as bad as the rest.

Biggest problem with government is when any one gets majority power, then they do not have to work with anyone else to push crap though. At least if its a minority government they are forced to work with everyone else to get things done and just can't ram crap down our throats.

If they all work with each other and are willing to compromise, things usually work out for the voters. Sadly though as we have seen over the last few years, the cons of Canada are just like the republicans of the US. They bow to big business and will not compromise unless the other groups agree with what the cons are willing to give them, which is usually not even close to fair for those groups or the voters.

Comment Re:Motivated rejection of science (Score 1) 661

Yes CO2 has been higher in the past then what they are now, but something you seem to be ignoring is that it took hundreds of thousands or even millions of years to build up to those levels. Which gave the plants and animals time to evolve to accept those levels. Thats why you don't see mass extinctions due to those levels. It also takes hundreds of thousand to millions of years for those levels to come down.

We were coming out of the end of an ice age not in the midst of one.

In the past 200 to 300 years CO2 has doubled from what it was. The only real thing that has changed in that time is man with all the burning we are doing along with all the environment destruction and cutting down of rain forests that we have done in that time.

Renewable resources are actually the future. That includes solar and wind, geotherma, waves, tidal, hydro and a number of other things. These are not being forced onto people, they are how ever giving people more choice. If we can stop using coal and oil and gas burning power plants then whats so wrong with that?

And yes any new tech is expensive but with time it does come down in price. Solar for example is just a fraction of what it used to cost. The more people that use it, the cheaper it will become because there will be more demand for it.

And an average person not being able to afford to buy or benefit from a million dollar wind turbine doesn't mean squat. They can't buy or benefit from a multimillion dollar power plant either. In my area we only have 1 power company and they have a coal/gas fired power plant and every single year they raise the cost of power. They are making large profits and just last year gave all their execs a 50% raise.

The average person is how ever getting closer to being able to afford a decent solar and small scale wind turbine setup which can pay for itself within 10 years. If every new home built included solar panels that would help bring the panel prices down.

If governments stopped giving billions of dollars to oil companies who don't need those billions because they are making 10s of billions in profits and put those billions towards renewable resources such as solar and wind those prices would come down very fast and we could rely less on coal/gas/oil power planets. If we take even just a billion of that money going to oil companies and put it towards say wind turbines which cost around 3 million each, that could be around 333 new wind turbines that could be built and installed basically free each and every year. Thats 1400 (roughly) households that could get their power cheaper per turbine or around 466,200 households per for all those turbines.

About 10 years ago, I figured that it would take about 50,000 dollars to put enough solar panels on my roof to virtually pay for all the power I use in a day (that includes install costs). If we again take that billion dollars and have all those panels put on homes, that could be around 20,000 homes a year they could put solar panels on free of charge. If those homes are low income homes, that suddenly means all those families have far more income per month to spend on other stuff, which also bring in more money for the government either because they don't have to give out as much or because they are taking more in from taxes. Also in the last 10 years, I'm pretty sure prices have dropped quite a bit so really even more houses could be covered.

Course some laws would have to be changed, power companies would have to be forced to accept extra power from homes that produce more then they are using and unless those houses also have lots of batteries they would still need to have some sort of power source at night, but thats where the other renewable resources come in.

Now imagine if we took all the money the government gives or subsudizes the oil companies (which is somewhere around 10 billion dollars last I read) was used to put renewable resources in for use by low income housing. The economy and environment would be far better off in the long run. If they would have started doing this 15 or 20 years ago things would be better now.

Also there are catastrophic warnings going on now, for what will happen in the near future because today we are seeing stuff we have never seen before in recorded history. Glaciers that have been recorded for hundreds of years have disappeared, the majority of them are all melting at very high rates. Areas where we have never seen the ocean due to ice coverage are now showing as ice free for part of the year and that time is lengthening each year. Pictures going back 100 years showing the same location and same time of year show open areas where as the older images show more and more ice the further back you go.

People have been warning about climate change for a long time, the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Comment Tired of majority governments (Score 1) 99

This is what we get when we vote and end up with a majority government. Who ever is in charge gets to ram through everything they want with no one able to actually stop them.

We need minority governments where the ones in charges are forced to work with at least some of the other political groups. When they are forced to work together they can't ram though bills as easily and everyone is forced to look to see what they are doing.

Now this doesn't fully stop stupid bills from getting made into laws, but it helps.

A person looking for private info about another person should always have to go to the courts and get a warrant. A company they should not be able to get someones private information from another company without going to the courts.

Mark my words this will more then likely be rammed though without the majority of the political people standing up and saying "wait a sec, we're just handing companies the ability to get any private information about any person they want."

Comment Some phones have built in block lists (Score 1) 497

I have also gotten calls like this and have been looking into stuff that could block along with just a new phone in general (mine is dying). You might want to look into some Panasonic phones for a land line.

Panasonic KXTG1061M

Panasonic KXTG4033B

I'm sure other brands have the call block. From what I have read these phones can block at least 100+ numbers, seeing as how they are always changing their info it might help with being able to block so many numbers. I don't know how well they work or how easy it is to set stuff up.

Could also switch to a smart phone with the same number and use an app to block numbers. Its also something else I have considered though not sure how the blocked calls would impact the usage of the phone though.

Personally I would love to see home phones come with an SD card slot with the block feature. All the numbers blocked by the phone would be put in a text file that could be edited at any time on a computer and it would be standardized so that you could move it from phone to phone and even move it to a cell phone.

Comment Re:Stupid question. (Score 1) 187

As was mentioned the sound waves can cause pressures in our bodies.

There are ultrasonic cleaners which jewelers use to clean all the little hidden areas of a ring or what ever that can't be reached.

While usually limited and not a problem for people infrasound and ultrasound can effect people.

Ultrasound is used today in hospitals to take care of gallstones inside a persons body without having to open them up. The sound waves break up the stones so that they can more easily be peed out. As far as I know, we can't hear or feel the sound wave when its made but the sounds do physically affect us.

There is at least some evidence that long term exposure to infrasound and ultrasound can be bad for humans. Look at some of the reports of people being sick near wind turbines. You can't actually hear anything from them as they spin, but they do create sound that can't be heard (by humans) for a long distance.

And with the whales, sound carries much better in water then in air and the oil and fats that make up their "ears"/sound receiving organs, they are far more sensitive to sound in general.

Sorry for rambling, its not a subject I know a whole lot about, but I do remember some of this from science class and science shows over the years.

Comment I'm ok with blackboxes in cars. (Score 1) 167

Personally I would rather see only the car company and police be able to access box and only with a physical connection. And of course a warrant.

This way it can't be remotely accessed so no "spying" on you (man some of you are way too paranoid). And it can't be tampered with so no one can accuse you of altering the data.

Comment Re:I wouldn't mind it if... (Score 1) 167

Dashboard cam with GPS. You can get off of ebay for anywhere between 50 to 200 bucks. They can record hours and hours of video onto an SD card. Many can do continuous recording, 5, 10, 15 or more minute loops.

If they have GPS on them, they can display speed and other info on screen. Some are better at night recording then others. They can even be setup to turn on when the car starts up.

Do research on the ones you are considering so you know the ups and downs of each one.

So no need to connect up to the black box.

Comment Put them in a few secure places (Score 1) 402

Personally this is what I do.

I have all my passwords and other needed info in a text file that I keep adding to. I rar up that text file into a self-extracting exe which is password protected (with a 16+ character randomly generated password) and doesn't show the file names, and has a non-descript name which no one would guess is passwords.

I have that file on my home computer which no one has access to but myself. I also put copies of that file on 3 different thumb drives. Ones kept on my keys, one is in a firebox and the other is on my desk. I update the file now and then and I back it up in all those locations.

I also print out the list of passwords and put them in the fire box too, the old papers get shredded and tossed into a fire.

I also keep the main password for the file in a few places in pieces so that anyone seeing it would never guess what they mean or what order they are suppose to be in.

Its over kill but I never have to worry about someone getting my passwords accidentally. And yes its as big of a pain as it sounds to do all this, because I also do change my passwords now and then and changing that big of a file is annoying. :)

Comment Re:It seems good (Score 1) 591

Its different because it shouldn't actually be required to have a connection that you always have to play for, month after month, just to play a game. Hell some people have really nasty bandwidth caps and every little byte counts towards it and don't want a game taking it up. Because they could easily do something slightly different and allow offline play which would not allow for trade of weapons and stuff, along with online play where they could trade stuff. Its easy enough to do. On gets saved and loaded to the local computer, the other only gets saved and loaded from the secure server. The game experience they want to give people would still be the same for people who are playing the single player, except for the fact that they could not sell their stuff, but if they were not going to do that anyway then there is no difference in game experience. Some people don't have constant connections, either because they can't get one, or because their connection keeps dropping and can't switch to a better provider. Requiring people to have a constant connection also stops people from playing while they are going to work, or traveling. You're sitting in a bus/car/plane/train/boat for a number of hours and want to play your game that you legally bought, but can't because even the single player requires a constant connection. You want to sit in the park for lunch and play for 20 or 30 minutes, but can't because there is no wireless. Or you are traveling for business and the hotel you are in doesn't have internet. And the biggest reason why people are pissed at them, is because its a game company telling them when and where they can or can't play their legally bought game. Imagine you needed an internet connection to use note pad? Or to watch a movie on your computer or dvd/blu-ray player? Or to browse your files on your computer? How would that make you feel? I bet you wouldn't care till you were working on something, and then your net connection goes offline for 10 seconds to a minute and you've lost everything you were working on. Or your connection started dropping every 5 to 10 minutes for what ever reason. Again, they could do the smart thing and easily include a way to play offline without compromising the online stuff. Its not that hard to do and they would sell far more games. Just make it knock that when you start a character, that they can either start it for offline play where they would not be able to trade anything but doesn't require a connection or can start one for online play which would allow trade, but would also require a constant connection. And allow them to have both so that if they want to do a little online stuff they can jump on, but if they are don't then they don't have to. Again the reason why people are pissed is because the game company is trying to tell them when and where they can play the game they legally bought.

Comment Re:This makes no sense (Score 2, Interesting) 90

MekTek got the insurance a while back, but Microsoft still hasn't gotten back to MekTek for what ever reason. "Due to the demands placed upon us by industry lawyers to release the Mechwarrior4 Free release we were forced to insure our studio at a premium rate to meet the Microsoft standard. Our insurance policy is a one year lease and we are unable to tap out of this policy until next fall." Does that sound like MekTek didn't get the insurance? Everything was done on MekTek's end. We got everything we needed, we were waiting for Microsoft to sign off on the legal papers, and we've been waiting for a very long time.

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