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Comment Re:Goodwin be Damned (Score 1) 244

So is it okay to kill non christian or people not of the book? Are Animists from the book? What about Scientologist? They must be from the book considering the number of books written by the guy who started that.

This brings another question - how do you qualify for "people of the book" protection -- with a library card?

Submission + - Old revs of Gigabyte motherboards unloaded on Amaz (

Guylhem writes: "You usually get what you pay for. So if you want the latest 1.3 revision of the Gigabyte GA-Z68MX-UD2H-B3 that supports PCI Express 3.0 and will get bios update, you pay a premium. I did — and received a revision 1.0. So I ordered again from a different country Amazon website, which also clearly stated revision 1.3 and I got another 1.0.

So if you want to get one, pay very attention and document your while shopping experience. still wants me to pay for return shipping + a posible restocking fee while I have a scan of the labels of the boards, and both Amazon bills."

Comment Re:Educational sandbox? (Score 1) 171

Believe me or not but for a 101 bioinformatics course I taught this year, I picked up jslinux to teach grep, pipe and other shell scripting basics.

This was just the simplest option to get a linux prompt on every machine of the computer lab - and studenta who had brought their own laptops could work on the very same examples as the rest of the class, in an identical environment.

Busybox grep is good enough for teaching the basics to students, and they can access the very same setup from home if they want to rehearse or try to solve the problems in a different way. .

What is truly missing is not persistent storage but basic network support, to be able to wget example files. Not anyone can cook an initrd (loop mounted ext2 filesystem)


How To Find Bad Programmers 359

AmberShah writes "The job post is your potential programmer's first impression of your company, so make it count with these offputting features. There are plenty of articles about recruiting great developers, but what if you are only interested in the crappy ones?" I think much of the industry is already following these guidelines.
The Media

Submission + - Sattelite TV in the caribbean ?

Guylhem writes: "In 2008, I will move to the Caribbean, in Martinique more precisely. It is a French West Indies island located inbetween Porto Rico and Barbados. I would like to know what kind of TV service is available over there, and how/if I can use an external card to receive the signals directly on my GNU/Linux computer. I plan to run MythTV to get DirectTV.

But I fear the local service by will want to restrict my options. For example I see no option to officially subscribe from the French West Indies. Do I have to rent their useless hardware ? Will I need a PO box somewhere ? Has anyone here tried to do dvb-t on MythTV in the Caribbean ? Any help would be appreciated."

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