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Comment Google Sites (Score 1) 545

If you were comfortable managing things with iWeb, why not check out Google Sites? It's basically the same thing, only in the Google universe instead of the Apple one, and it's free. You can choose from a ton of pre-built templates just like iWeb, or you can code your own pages if you ever decide you would like to do that. It's pretty widely used so I think it's extremely unlikely that Google will discontinue support for it anytime in the forseeable future.

Comment Re:Thats (Score 1) 472

What does Google know about entertainment promoting? That's what production is now; it isn't just as easy as putting up a ton of music on YouTube, 90% of music promotion is telling people what to like, and Google has shown very little skill at consumer marketing or trendsetting; just because they know how to get millions of people to use free stuff doesn't mean they can figure out how to sell people coolness, hipness or identity. You suggested they market music, and "selling cool" is what marketing music is.

This sounds like a job for Apple!

Comment Re:Whoa! (Score 1) 427

I'm going to join the many here in announcing that I would be ready to buy if they included PS2 backward compatibility in that $300 package. Some of the greatest games ever made were for PS2 (Final Fantasy X)

I don't have the room to keep every generation of each console around. When I can play my old games upscaled to HD with wireless controllers will be when the PS3 replaces my old fat PS2 next to the 360.

Comment Re:Actually it's the integration... (Score 1) 571

I don't think that this laptop lid / sleep mode integration argument is a valid point anymore, if it ever really was. I've had a Sony Vaio since '98 that has terrific power management capabilities, and can easily sleep, hibernate, or power down simply by closing the lid. Now the battery on that Vaio doesn't hold a charge today, but I don't think that's really relevant since it is at least 8 years old.

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