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Comment Re: Rough edges visible miles away (Score 1) 92

Or board sanely. That means getting rid of half a dozen phases of special priority boarding, and instead board from the back and sides first. If facilities and weather permit, board from the back door as well.

I was on an Emirates A380 flight in Prague when they announced they'd board in sections. Sweet I thought, stack the back rows first, working forward, creating an organised boarding process. Well some fucktard read the instructions wrong and decided to load the front sections first, then called the section immediately behind after it. The result was pure chaos and the flight got delayed by 30 minutes due to ensuing mess. I just don't understand how something so simple can be done so wrong so often.

Comment Re:Cost (Score 1) 265

JAL and ANA advertise more leg room and charge a little more. I always pay more to fly with them. I would guess that people's willingness to put up with small seats is inversely proportional to the length of the flight.

But how much more? I travel to Asia quite regularly and have found a couple of the budget airlines will do a premium economy seat for about $50 extra (on a 9 hour flight). This is a no brainer, but last time I checked, the branded airlines were charging about $1000 more for the same thing.

Comment Re:About time! (Score 1) 265

The problem isn't space. The problem is people unwilling to pay extra for extra space.

10% yes, 50% no, which is how it works here.

Legislation requiring slightly larger seats and slightly higher prices (economy+) be available on all flights is fine.

No it isn't, it's discrimination. Fair enough if you're a fat bastard who created your own problems, but tall people have no control over their height.

Legislation outlawing "smaller" seats which fit the vast majority of passengers is stupid.

So why not just stagger some rows so that some seats have 3 inches less pitch and the seat in front gets 3 inches extra? Average pitch stays the same, number of seats stays the same, prices stays the same, but taller people now have options.

Comment Re:About time! (Score 1) 265

So why should short people subsidize you? If you need extra room, then pay for it yourself. Many airlines already offer "economy plus", so you already have that option. Why should that option be forced on everyone?

Making every seat fit someone that is 6'6" will mean fewer people will fit on the plane, wasting fuel, and jacking up the ticket prices for everyone.

Well you can't discriminate on height
I submitted an idea years ago for a seating plan that had staggered rows. So Row A would have the same sized space. Row B would have slightly different pitch per seat (say ranging from 31 to 38inches) and Row C would be fixed again, but because Row B was staggered, Row C would also have different seat pitch per seat.
You only have to do this with one section of the plane and it will allow the few taller people the space they need, and short people and kids can fill the gaps.This would allow the same number of seats, but the extra room that small people don't need would be reallocated to taller people.
I never got any response from the airline and forgot all about it until now.

Comment Re: Please don't ditch paper completely (Score 1) 92

I fly Southwest almost exclusively and I always get the paper ticket. I am often on a phone call during boarding and someone who scans 1000s of tickets a day will always be faster at me at scanning the ticket.

They still scan the ticket, you merely hand them a phone instead of a piece of paper. Everything else is the same.
If you're a rude enough person that you are on the phone during this transaction you can always say "one sec, I'm just scanning my boarding pass". it literally takes 3 secs max. Crisis averted...

Comment Re: Rough edges visible miles away (Score 1) 92

Have you seen how many people fumble their phones and hold up the line? It'll take 3x longer to board if everyone has to use their cell.

Paper works better.

Makes no difference how fast you board as the slowest part of the boarding procedure is passengers dicking about finding their seats, working out how to get their oversize bag in the overhead compartment, and holding up everyone else while they do this.
If anything they need to deliberately slow down the onboarding to give people more time to sort their shit out.

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