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Comment Re:Dead (Score 0) 204

I'm sick of gnome 3. Gnome 2 was so damn good, I like it a lot, and now I just hate this Gnome 3 so much! I'm installing kde 4 right now. Let's see if it's better than this crap.

Comment Vim is great! (Score 1) 271

I love using it. In my company, vim is mandatory for programmers. It certainly boosts a lot my productivity, and with the help of ctags, minibufexplorer, grep, vcscommand plugins, it's even better. Beats any other fancy GUI text editor.

Comment Re:I like gvim, except... (Score 1) 271

My main beef with it (solved by recompiling) is with fonts. I like the old fashioned font called "fixed". It derives from the ancient, non-scalable standard bitmapped font which came with X. It also happens to be very readable and to my eyes looks much sharper than the anti-aliased fonts.

That's the main reason that I use vim from xterm.

Comment talks at fisl (Score 1) 406

Peter Sunde gave two presentations last week here in Brazil. On the first one he talked about the history of TPB, and on the second one he talked about TPB services. In the end of one of his presentations (I don't remember witch one) he was asked, if someone offer to buy TPB for some money, would they sell it? His answer was that they would do what's the best to TPB (He said some more things also).

I don't know why but I felt he was hiding something.

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