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Comment Half-Life 3 would never work (Score 2) 215

We have passed the point where Half-Life 3 could be welcomed with anything except massive criticism no matter how good it might be. It has taken on a life of it's own and if it wasn't so good that just being installed on your PC made you see visions of Jesus riding unicorns firing rockets at Santa Clause riding sharks firing lasers it would be scored a 0/10 - IGN. Seriously, it could never be warmly received after all these years.

Comment Re:Obvious guy says (Score 3, Insightful) 223

I get the whole "soak up the scene" stuff but it's a whole year. He will have downtime due to weather/mood/circumstances many times during that period. Just because I might head on a culturally broadening journey for a year doesn't mean I want to completely stop my education during that time particularly if I was really interested in a certain subject. If it were I it would be math, fundamentals and theory. It wouldn't be a rigorous education schedule but it is good to have it there when you want it.

Comment Re: Talk is cheap. (Score 1) 266

The Simpsons are very adult oriented..they are on prime time on Sunday after football because that's the demographic they target and do very well in it. That being said even Looney Tunes aren't suitable for children by today's standards. I can't count how many times Daffy Duck has gotten his beak blown off by a shotgun or Elmer Fudd, Bugs, Tom and Jerry, Road Runner or any cartoon of that era has been shot or shot at someone. Even talk about that kind of stuff in school today and you are suspended and the bomb squad called. Point is that it's all subjective to an extent. There are plenty of older shooters that don't contain gore but you still have the whole pointing a virtual gun at virtual people issue everyone likes to get all pissy about. There are also plenty of games that require the same use of spatial awareness and fine motor skills that are used in FPS that aren't shooters.

Comment Re:They asked for more money... (Score 1) 364

They very well might have asked for more money but I think there is a very good chance this is just an effort to make one or two seasons more profitable as ratings fall and call it a good run. I love Mythbusters but I rarely watch anymore even though it's still as entertaining as ever. After 10 years and close to 1000 myth's busted it's pretty much routine. Seen one myth busted you've seen a thousand type of thing at no fault of their own. That's a heck of a run for that type of show.

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