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Submission + - Nintendo Power--The End of an Era 1

Guppy06 writes: "Starting with volume 222 in December, Nintendo will no longer be in charge of its own dedicated magazine, Nintendo Power, instead handing the reins over to Future US, publisher of other gaming magazines such as PC Gamer, Official Xbox Magazine, and Playstation: The Official Magazine. Nintendo started Nintendo Power from its original "Nintendo Fun Club" back in 1988 and since then the magazine has been the official mouthpiece of the company to its fanbase, often being the medium used for new announcements, such as the development of the now-classic Game Boy and Super NES. Similarly, it seems Nintendo is no longer publishing its own video game guides, which were published under the Nintendo Power name; recent flagship titles such as Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass only have Nintendo-authorized guides published by Prima available."

Submission + - EU Backs Off From Metrication in UK, Ireland (

Guppy06 writes: "After struggling with individual merchants in the British Isles for years years, European commissioners unanimously agreed that people in the UK and Ireland could continue to trade using Imperial units of measure rather than compel metrication, using solely Imperial for specific industries or uses (roads, beer, milk, precious metals) or a US-style dual-labeling for all others. EU Industry Commissioner Gunter Verheugen, who apparently pushed for this measure, is quoted as saying "When I looked into this matter it was obvious to me that there was no reason why imperial measures should go," and "I think up to that point nobody had really asked the obvious question which is 'Do we really need [to ban] it?'" Self-styled Metric Martyrs in the UK still need to contend with the compulsory metrication directives from their national government in London. In answer to disappointed metrication campaigners, an Associated Press article on the same subject says that Commissioner Verheugen suggests that it will aid with trade with the United States, which has no compulsory metrication and allows units similar to the Imperial system."

Submission + - Sony Updates PSP, PS3 Firmware, adds rumble?

Guppy06 writes: "Sony released new firmware for both the PSP and the PlayStation 3 today. The releases focuses on support for PlayStation games downloaded from the PlayStation Store, allowing the PS3 to play these games directly without having to transfer them to the PSP, as well as apparently allowing save data for these games to be transferred between the two. Most interesting, though, is that PS3 owners "can now use the vibration function of accessories that are for use with Playstation and Playstation 2 format software." With no USB or Bluetooth accessories for the original PlayStation (at least), this seems to suggest that new hardware is on the horizon for the PS3, but whether it's a new controller or a new adapter to connect PS2 and PS controllers hasn't been announced."

Submission + - Sun's New "Datacenter in a Box"

Guppy06 writes: Last week, Sun Microsystems unveiled their Project Blackbox, essentially a datacenter built into a standard 20 ft shipping container. Its only outside requirments are electricity, bandwidth and water. The stated goals of the project are to allow customers to install new dataserving capabilities without having to expand existing buildings or erect new ones, and it seems to do just that.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - What we really need...

Guppy06 writes: "... is a Dewey Decimal Sytem for pr0n. Some sort of agreed-upon standard (perhaps an RFC) detailing a particular directory structure for dividing and organizing collections and deciding what particular file goes where.

Really, should the top layer be divided by file format, genre, fetish or what? I could see the potential for links between subdirectories..."
The Internet

Submission + - EarthLink Establishes Their Own "Site Finder&#

Guppy06 writes: "Last week, instead of a regular DNS error, EarthLink's DNS servers started to return a redirect to, a site that bears a close resemblance to VeriSign's much-maligned Site Finder, to their subscribers. According to their official blog at Earthling, "By presenting users with contextual help based upon the non-existent domain the user entered, we believe we are improving the EarthLink user experience with a system that will not interfere with other network processes." Most of the responses in said blog posting aren't positive."

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