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Comment should be legal to DDoS companies with own gear (Score 1) 47

There should be a legal exception that it is allowed to make your, and other people's, devices phone home to the original manufacturer with Gbit speeds.
The less they patch or the more they produce shitty hardware, the bigger they need to invest in anti DDoS measures.
At some point it will be cheaper to simply patch the stuff.

Comment no fear of skynet yet, because no self-refueling (Score 1) 265

I'm not aware that drones or robots are able to refuel themselves without any human action. So the moment they run out of energy, the robot revolution will be dead. Same goes for weapons, I'm not aware of a factory building bombs fully automated and auto-delivering them to an airfield to be robot-mounted onto the drones.
We just need to keep virus away from the nuclear weapons, but I doubt there's today a virus spreading via 8" floppy disks.

Comment Nodejs version shit (Score 1) 341

This is so braindead. Whoever thought this out must be sick.
I wanted to install some software to control my cromecast.
First install: the nodejs in the repository is too old.
oh well, just upgrade my linux, it's kinda old...
Next install: the nodejs in the repository is too new!

WTF? And of course the "too new" message is displayed via 500 lines of error stack dump.
Well this is exactly how you get people to embrace and use nodejs, NOT!

Comment Yes with these conditions: (Score 1) 485

* the running cost should provision for plant recycling and waste treatement and waste storage costs
* in case of radioactive leakage making living impossible, populations in this area should get new equivalent housing from the government/state comissioning the plant

Oh this will make today's way of doing nuclear impractical? Well so be it.

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