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Comment Re:Secret Ballot? (Score 1) 480

Now, the concern that an organization would force it's members to either hand over it's tokens, or allow the organization to review their votes could be real. But I would go out on a limb and guess that any organization to do so would have it's ass nailed against the wall by the AG so hard and fast that the need for a colostomy bag would be a moot point.

Hopefully you're right. But will you also be right in 20 years? 50? And if you aren't, will it be possible to revert to the old system by then?

Comment Re:Secret Ballot? (Score 4, Insightful) 480

The problem is that you yourself can provide the token to, let's say, an employer forcing you to vote a certain way, an abusive spouse or someone who wants to buy your vote.
The current systems prevent that or make it hard to do in any systematic way. Even taking a picture of your ballot won't help, as you can always get it exchanged for a fresh one.

Comment Re:Better way? (Score 1) 289

Instead it will crash when one event happens at 23:59:59.8 and another happens at 23:59:60.4 (old notation). In your proposed notation, there would be no way of knowing that event one happened before event two.
In the case of DST, most systems use UTC internally, which doesn't have a notion of DST. Or said in another way, we don't adjust the base clock, we just change time zone.

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