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Comment Re:Fantastic! Now they can fuck those up, too! (Score 1) 93

Exactly, except the official name for the product line has been Power Systems for a few years now (although I don't think anybody outside of IBM calls it that). Because IBM is the only manufacturer, they still get good margins on it, and that's why they kept it.

Comment Re:Sugar (Score 1) 329

Whole grains also slow the break down and absorption and are a good thing. Don't eat simple sugars.

I'm diabetic (type 2). While this is generally true, in practice I've found that wheat of any kind and rice of any kind will send my blood sugar up unless I keep my portion sizes very small. Nowadays I usually just avoid the both.

Comment Re:Amazon costs are relatively fixed (Score 1) 119

It's quite a difference whether an internet outage means (more or less) only external mail and browsing doesn't work or that you can just send everyone home until it's fixed.

There are numerous in-house scenarios where this is an issue as well. Any business hosting their infrastructure in a colo can run into this. So will any business large enough to have multiple locations, as they may not have anything beyond file and print services located in the remote locations (which might still be pretty big).

For that matter, there are potential issues hosting your applications in house. I've seen facilities issues (everything from A/C failure to flooding) bring down in-house data centers for extended periods of time.

Comment Re:Let me guess (Score 1) 60

The system Canada uses to determine who can get a permanent resident card is based on points. You get so many points for your occupation (assuming it's on the list, which changes periodically), so many points for speaking English and/or French, etc. If you have enough points you can apply for your PR card (pay the fee, send them your fingerprints, medical examination, etc.). Once you've lived in Canada for about three years you can apply for citizenship.

Comment Re:I guess they have never heard of two factor aut (Score 2) 731

And if someone hacks your card, they blame you (because you must have given away your PIN) and you have no way to prove it.

Incorrect. There are a variety of ways that your PIN can be compromised, and banks are well aware of that. Anything from shoulder surfing to keystroke logging will work.

My credit card (with chip and PIN) was skimmed last year (based on the timing I believe from a restaurant in Winnipeg) and my bank removed all of the charges with minimal intervention on my part.

Comment Re:I knew there was a good reason.... (Score 1) 385

My question is .. is this policy going to follow through with other HP equipment? I've got a HP color laser jet printer: Will I experience the same issue with that? I've got three HP scanners -- will I need to put them in the garbage? (No one will want them if they can't get even basic driver support).

Yeah, I'm concerned about this as well. Weren't free software updates one of the selling points of HP's Procurve line of network gear?

On the bright side, I gave up on HP printers after my last one died a couple years ago.

Comment Re:Did you even read the notice? (Score 1) 385

I'm curious how often you had to update firmware on servers that were out of warranty?

I'm going to have to see how this plays out, but it could be a pain in the ass for somebody like me who has to install firmware on *new* servers for customers. *I* don't have a support contract even if the customer does. (Which doesn't mean that there won't be some way around it.)

Comment Re:So more enthalpy=more life? (Score 2) 185

Even if there's some truth behind the theory in the article, I'd still expect there to be a range of conditions under which life would be possible. Venus is probably out of it. While it seems unlikely that there's life on Venus now, it's still possible that there was life on Venus earlier in its history when (and if) the conditions were less extreme. (Although I can't imagine that anybody would be able to get any evidence for it, if it did exist.)

Comment Re:Hackers are the new Rock Stars (Score 4, Informative) 195

You're missing the point. As you pointed out, legality and known purity is not going to prevent all overdoses, but it would prevent some.

If you're buying drugs on the street, it's difficult to tell exactly how pure. This means that by taking the same mass of a particular drug, you're not going to get precisely the same amount of active ingredient. If your latest dose is sufficiently purer than your typical dose, then you may overdose.

What complicates this is that many addicts will go off of their drug of choice for a period of time and lose their tolerance. When they start using again, their bodies can't handle as much but they try to use their old dose and overdose.

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