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Comment Re:The World's gone mad! (Score 3, Insightful) 160

I think that cancer patients should be given the legal right to REFUSE to have these patented genes in their bodies.

Please make it mandatory to rid patients of such genes in a timely and safely manner, at the patent holders expense.

I think that's fair.

I like where you're going with this... Fine... If they want to own the patent on a gene that causes cancer, they should also be legally liable for the all the damage it does. If they don't want liability they can always surrender the patent. Nice job.

Comment Re:fucking great? (Score 1) 160

We socialize the expense and privatize the profit, and call it "free market".

This, in a nutshell, is modern-American business boiled down: Work as hard as you can to avoid every dime of taxes you can, and when you fail, demand a bailout because you're "too big to fail." When things are back to normal? Resume the "bust-out" operation and double your bonus to make up for any money you weren't paid in the bailout year.

Comment Re:fucking great? (Score 1) 160

Now, what is false is trying to claim communism would somehow fix the problem since it has its own issues when implemented

What's even more egregiously false is claiming that this guy asked for "communism." He didn't: He said society would be better off with significantly less greed (I would put the percentage at somewhere between 25% and 40% less greed needed) and correctly implied that if we were able to achieve that we'd reap many benefits.

Comment Re:Where's the lie? (Score 1) 513

Google does scan your emails for keywords. That information may be stored or revealed in any number of ways.

"Where's the lie?" Seriously? Microsoft accuses them of "reading your email." They are not reading your email: They are parsing it for keywords and phrases, something Microsoft themselves do. If Google is "reading your email" then so is Microsoft. ...And Microsoft stores those keywords that could be revealed "in any number of ways" too. For that matter, they also store your messages on an Exchange server, which is one of the many "number of ways" the entire message might get compromised.

Comment Re:Speaking of "Smear Campaigns"... (Score 5, Informative) 513

Is it a "Smear Campaign" if it's true?

That's a big "if." In this case it isn't true: "Reading" implies a "person reading your email." Google parses email to place ads. But so what? So does Microsoft and every other Email provider on earth. They may be parsing it for a different reason, but they are doing the exact same thing. If parsing is "reading" then you'd have a point. But it isn't, so you don't. Parsing != to Reading. Or, to put it another way: If Google is "reading your email" at Gmail so is Microsoft at Office 365 Online, because all spam protection services parse email and microsoft advertises their Office 365 service as including excellent "Microsoft Forefront" security.

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