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Comment Re:Does EFF count? (Score 1) 596

EFF counts!

If you give to your local public radio broadcaster (the one that carries NPR programming in your area) then yes, it generally does. From my local station, WLRN:
"Q: Is my donation tax-deductible? A. Contributions to WLRN are tax-deductible. However, IRS regulations require that your charitable deductions be reduced by the Fair market Value of any goods or services you receive as a result of the contributions. The Fair Market Value assigned to an item by its manufacturer is the reasonable retail price if you were to buy that item in a store. If you wish to take the full tax deduction for your WLRN contribution, you must refuse all premiums before we mail them or return them to us unopened. For any additional tax information, we urge you to consult your personal financial advisor."

Comment It was built in space... (Score 1) 591

Hey, I'm excited about the new movie and I don't really care about canon and all that (it's hard to as an Anime fan) but I'm pretty sure that the Enterprise was built in space...
And you are correct, ships are not built in the water - but they are generally built in a dry dock that can then just be flooded, rather then being built somewhere on shore and then shipped to a dock to be launched. I thought that the atmospheric capabilities of the Voyager were a big part of what made that ship unique - I don't think the Enterprise's were designed to be able to land on a planet (and then take off again).

United States

Submission + - How would you reorient the direction of America?

BradySama writes: "There are all kinds of stories being reported now-a-days about how very small numbers of Americans are happy with the direction the nation has been going in. The problem, though, is identifying the root causes behind the direction the United States has taken, and then figuring out what we should do about and and where we would want to head instead. In this article, Chalmers Johnson lays out one explanation and some possible courses of action. But I would pose to you, SlashDotters, this same question: what do you see as the fundamental root causes of what ails you today, and what do you think should be done to address and or correct those ailments? If we are the nerds, and we pay attention to the stuff that matters, I think we may come up with a really interesting discussion here. And please, feel free to expand the discussion beyond the United States to include all of our home countries and the world as a whole."

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