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Comment Re:Really not a simple choice (Score 1) 658

Aye, I guess I meant very very "approximate" not "exact" ;)
So what we need is a fixed observer point for all Time Travel operations. Given we already use Greenwich for our Earth based coordinate and time systems, I propose we erect a huge needle in the middle of Greenwich. This needle (the "Time Needle" perhaps) will be our (0,0,0,2012-10-02) reference point.

We'll have it pointing as straight up as possible and that can be the y axis. ;)

Comment Really not a simple choice (Score 4, Insightful) 658

Inputting a figure of 10,000 years into your time machine is pointless. You'd have to be *very* *very* accurate with your jump times to end up in exactly the same physical spot you were when you set off.
In 10,000 years, not only will the orbit of the Earth have expanded out slightly around the sun, but the position of the sun relative to the gravitational centre of our galaxy will have changed also. Likewise, our galaxy will have moved out slightly from the centre of the big-bang too.

Chances are with all these options you'll end up floating dead in space.


Halo 3 Causing Network Issues 306

Recently at my university where I'm a student and a sys admin, we have been experiencing some odd outages, in particular since the 25th of September. The outages seemed to occur between 8 PM and 12:00 AM — peak gaming hours for our dorms. It just happens that Halo 3 came out on the 25th of September. Upon further investigation we found that our network routers were shaping TCP packets, but not UDP. Once we applied UDP shaping as well, all network outages ceased. Gamers complained, but university students attempting to access network resources such as our UNIX clusters were satisfied.

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