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Comment Deception and Behavior (Score 1) 412

So as an Undergrad Psych student, I took a class called Deception, Brain and Behavior with a noted expert in the field, Travis Seymour.

We went over the so called Micro-expression system developed by Paul Ekman, who helped create the TSA system, known as SPOT.

Some notes: Ekman's system depends on expressions occuring in 1/15th of a second. Trained observers who worked with Ekman for years still disagree on expressions, even when using slowed down film from high speed cameras.

And as best as I can find, the TSA does 7 days of training to use it, 4 in class and 3 on the job.

Oh and Ekman himself thinks the current SPOT system sucks, though that may just be covering his ass because he helped develop it.


Sony Claims PS3 Javascript Performance Is Better Than IE7's 112

Scorpinox writes "According to Sony Online Entertainment, the latest 2.50 update to the Playstation 3, which added Flash 9 support, is 'not up to the level of Google Chrome,' but 'beats Internet Explorer 7' in Javascript performance. The article goes on to say 'Sony has actually been working on Flash 9 support for quite some time — as far back as late last year. To get it running on the PS3, Sony ended up customizing a separate Flash implementation that was provided to it by Adobe.'"

Comment i forgot one thing - unlimited key combinations (Score 1) 128

one of the great features of this keyboard that i don't think any other keyboard has is that it is wired to take huge key combinations (at least 9 simultaneous keys). this was an annoying problem on every keyboard i've had before including the $80 G15. for example in BF2142, if i needed to keep moving (W) while running (left shift) i couldn't send a squad order (V) or accept an order from the squad leader (PageUp). i learned to play around it (stop running long enough to hit the other key) but it's nice to be able to just hit the keys i need to hit.

Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 268

25Wh / 50Wh = 2. Right?
26 minutes / 3 hours = roughly 1/6; 26 / 4 hours = roughly 1/8.
Uh...don't you mean:
1:26 minutes / 3 hours = roughly 1/2; 1:26 / 4 hours = roughly 3/8.
Not that the battery life is very good on current AMD-equipped devices, but at the same time one doesn't pay as much either.
I wonder if a similar bug isn't responsible for my PDA eating power (when off) with SD cards present.

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