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Comment Re:Price has other factors (Score 2) 91

Both of the linked articles say that it will get updates. The subscription walled article says that updates are guaranteed for at least two years from the sale date in the text that's visible even without a subscription.

But what the hell... we're living in the post truth world now. Being outraged by imaginary problems and not bothering to confirm anything before seems to be the new norm. You'll fit right in.

Comment Headline is clickbait BS (Score 4, Informative) 180

The Nielsen report says nothing about how people listen to music. The report is about how people directly pay for music (either through streaming subscriptions or more traditional sales) and does not include radio (the audience isn't paying a direct fee for those, after all) or any other form of listening that isn't directly paid for by the listener.

The only way the headline would ever be valid would be if people purchasing CDs and MP3s listened to them once and then destroyed them, which is almost never going to be the case.

Comment Here's the problem with this submission (Score 4, Insightful) 261

the submission explains simply that "I'm looking for satisfying and rewarding work,"

What people consider satisfying and rewarding is entirely subjective. What works for me, helping people without them realizing it was me, would leave most other people feeling unappreciated. The submitter is going to have to decide for him/her self what would they would find satisfying and rewarding.

Comment Re:Bullshit metrics (Score 4, Interesting) 286

Search engine metrics are also flawed in another way; the worst examples of things often generate a lot of searches, but that doesn't mean they're popular. This metric would tell us that the most popular financial company is Wells Fargo. They're at the top because of the news that they created millions of fraudulent accounts, however, and not because they're popular.

Comment Re:Make Armageddon Great Again (Score 4, Funny) 135

When the universe sends its asteroids, they're not sending their best. They're not sending Pyornkrachzark. They're not sending Geodude. They're sending asteroids that have lots of problems, and they're bringing those problems with them. They're causing fireballs. They're causing craters. They're causing extinctions. And some, I assume, are good asteroids.

Comment Re:Rape by fraud? (Score 3) 215

"Rape by fraud" is a comment made here, not in any of the articles. Believe it or not, /. posters often post without reading the articles, leading to BS like this. Here's an example of what one article says about the actual charges:

Charging documents show that the accuser at the center of the third charge claims Hickey raped her after she agreed to shoot non-nude photographs with him when she was 17 years old. The documents say that Hickey gave her a drink after telling her "she looked nervous," and that she doesn't remember very muchâ"other than brief flashes of Hickey penetrating herâ"after that.

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