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Comment Re:Everybody should be prepared to die. (Score 1) 401

Even the barest minimum fact checking comes up with a Wikipedia article that cites numerous studies:

"Estimates of the total number of humans who have ever lived range in the order of 100 billion. Estimates of this kind cannot hope to give more than the rough order of magnitude, as even modern population estimates are fraught with uncertainties of the order of 3% to 5%. Kapitzka (1996) cites estimates ranging between 80 and 150 billion. Another such estimate was prepared by Haub (1995), updated in 2002 and 2011; the 2011 figure was approximately 107 billion."

But you didn't do even that minimal amount of fact checking, did you?

Comment Re:Clinton's record on data security is pathetic (Score 2) 104

In other words: Not IT material.

The President of the United States is not an IT job. Despite your delusions of grandeur, your ability to configure an email server does not translate into competence at governing a nation and governing a nation does not require knowing how to configure a email server.

Comment Re:these new companies trying to get around old la (Score 1) 258

skipping the dealer allows the manufacturer to set the price. and they would never fix the price with a defacto monopoly, right?

Stop using words you don't understand.

Allowing an auto manufacturer to sell directly to customers and set prices without a middleman adding to the cost does not create a de facto monopoly. Allowing all of them to sell directly to customers and set prices would not create a de facto monopoly. That phrase means something completely different than what you seem to think it means.

Besides... Tesla already sells vehicles directly to consumers in many markets and sets the prices. Guess what? They don't have a de facto monopoly in those markets. They also haven't colluded with the several dozen other manufacturers who sell cars in the USA to fix prices.

Comment Re:Lame (Score 1) 91

In your eagerness to dismiss my comment, you may have missed the part where the TSA is already engaged in behavioral profiling despite not having any previous baselines to compare people's behavior to. Of course this means it's useless for detecting the emotions of random people in a TSA screening line, but that hasn't stopped the TSA from putting it in place.

Comment Re:Lame (Score 3, Insightful) 91

Ultimately this will just be another augment to automated monitoring, for use in any place where there is benefit to knowing people's emotions but a cost associated with having a human watch them all the time.

Like the TSA security check points at airports?

The TSA already tries to do behavioral profiling. I could see them jumping all over this as the latest magic cure-all to make up for the incompetence of their screeners who miss 95% of the things they're supposed to be watching for.

Comment Re:Tell me... (Score 2) 166

Where they found a battery with enough juice to power a GPS (Radio) device for the months required to cross the ocean

Well, that took 5 seconds. The third result of a Google search for "long life GPS cellular tracking ( is a non-descript device which features a 5 year battery life with once-per-day tracking, which seems more than adequate for this. If you don't like that one, the results of that search are filled with others.

through the hull of a ship

The location while in transit across the ocean isn't relevant to this study, so the device doesn't have to transmit through the hull of the ship. It just has to be able to continue transmitting once it's been offloaded at the destination so that the destination can be identified.

then have the GPS unit pass undetected through customs

We're talking about containers stuffed with used and broken electronics being delivered to countries that accept them as garbage to be recycled, so that raises three questions:

1) What the hell makes you think the destination countries have customs agents thoroughly inspecting tons upon tons of incoming garbage?

2) How would these hypothetical garbage-inspecting customs agents identify one particular electronic device buried in a pile of other electronic devices as something unusual?

3) Finally, assuming that there is some government that's willing to accept electronics waste (and all its hazardous components) for recycling, yet somehow still anal-retentive enough to inspect said electronics and wealthy enough to be able to pay for the metric ass load of customs agents it would take to inspect and identify everything in the shipment and determine that the GPS tracking was not broken and was active and somehow magically determine that it's being listened to, why would they care? Tracking shipments is a normal thing for that shipping companies do on a regular basis.

Comment Re:Good grief! (Score 4, Funny) 166

Because there is little oversight or enforcement, a secondary industry of fake editors has popped up to undercut sustainable editing. These "editors," which advertise themselves as green and sustainable, get paid pennies per post about old TVs, computers, printers, and monitors. Rather than edit them domestically, the editing companies sell them to editors in developing nations, either through middlemen or directly. These foreign editors hire low-wage employees to pick through the few valuable components of often toxic old stories.

Comment Re:Criminal behavior (Score 5, Informative) 84


The actual text of the bill says:
Upon approval of an Attachment Application by an Owner, Pre-Existing Third Party Users shall allow an Attacher, using Preapproved Contractors and at the Attacherâ(TM)s expense, to perform Make Ready by transferring, relocating, rearranging, or altering the Attachments of any Pre-Existing Third Party User to the extent necessary or appropriate to accommodate the Attacherâ(TM)s Attachment.

The law is pro-competition, not just pro-Google. Any company that wants to enter the market gets the exact same benefit. Google is mentioned in the summary only because they're the company trying to enter the market right now.

Comment Re:Because Reddit is a great source of detective w (Score 1) 610

"Combetta, who was granted immunity by the Justice Department during its investigation of Clinton's private server after he deleted a large number of emails."

The guy is already telling the Justice Department what he knows in return for immunity. Reddit isn't accomplishing anything with their amateur-hour 'investigation' other than harassing and stalking stalk one of the key people who is actually helping the investigation.

But I suppose you forgot that part of the summary.

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