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Comment Hollywood Has Run Out of All the Ideas! (Score 4, Insightful) 542

Translation: "I only go see big budget blockbusters and I don't understand why Hollywood would rather bet that money on a proven franchise or remake rather than a riskier original film. Plus I'd rather whine about it than risk going to see smaller, independent films that might be original!"

Comment Re:The right (Score 1) 102

I suppose you think the drug dealer who offers you the first hit of crack is a good person too.

Uber is subsidizing the price of your 'better options' with investor money and underpaid drivers in the hopes that they can drive all other competition out of business and build a monopoly to exploit.

And you're all for it because it saves you a few bucks today.

Comment Re:Nope, nothing to see here (Score 1) 445

I made no such claim. I pointed out that communications with DHS fall under federal law, so Indiana law is not the only law that applies.

You were the one who demanded I explain which laws were broken, implying that they were. Are you saying that you made that implication without any evidence to support it?

Isn't it funny how strawman arguments can sometimes bite you in the ass?

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