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Submission + - If the Earth Stood Still ( 1

GrumblyStuff writes: What would happen if the Earth stop rotating? Aside having a day that lasts 365 times longer, the approximately 8 km of water that is pushed to the equator would flow north and south, forming polar oceans separated entirely by a ring of land.

The geographic changes were modeled with ArcGIS and can be viewed here. There's no mention of possible weather patterns which would be interesting to try to model with both the geographical changes and year long day.


Submission + - Coast Guard bans everyone from oiled areas (

GrumblyStuff writes: CNN's Anderson Cooper rages against the Coast Guard, discussing the 65ft ban of photographers and reporters and anyone else who is "unauthorized" around booms and response vessels. To get closer you need to get permission from the Coast Guard Captain of the Port of New Orleans. Violating this can result in $40,000 and felony charges. The Coast Guard originally sought 300ft but scaled it back. Outrageous is an understatement.

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