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Comment Again? (Score 1) 398

"According to an article on Gizmag, Tata, India's largest automotive manufacturer, has developed a car that runs on compressed air. It costs less than $3 USD to fill a tank on which it can run for 200 to 300km. The car will cost about USD $7,300 and has a top speed of 68mph. About once every 50,000 km you have to change the oil (1 liter of vegetable oil). Initial plans are to produce 3,000 cars per year."

Comment Re:Linux on Mac?! (Score 0) 780

You think he'll get modded down on slashdot for being critical of something Apple does?!

It'll take a few days to mobilize the Fanboi Trike Force, but yes, he will get downmods, and most likely will have comments he made from other articles downmodded as well.

Yeah, and you know because that's the way you moderate, isn't it, shithead?

Comment Re:Advertising numbers (Score 0) 221

That's pretty rediculous, $1.1 billion advertising two new products?! I always knew Apple was a marketing company but damn.

This could simply be because I haven't seen regular ad numbers before though. Does anyone know what competing products have spent on advertising? That kind of information would help make more sense of their numbers.

Samsung Launches Biggest U.S. Campaign to Date for Galaxy S III - remember this is US only.

If any Americans haven't yet heard about the new Galaxy S III phone, chances are that will change this week.

That's because Samsung is unleashing the biggest-ever marketing campaign in Samsung Mobile USA's history for the phone's launch, beginning this week. Although Samsung declined to provide specifics on spending on the phone, it's believed that the marketing budget for the next few months will more than double what the company spent on all Galaxy-branded products in the U.S. in 2011.

Samsung spent $142 million in measured media on Galaxy products in 2011, according to Kantar Media, up from $79 million in 2010.

So that would be about $300 million just for the Galaxy S III in the US for half of 2012 alone. That probably adds up worldwide to more advertising for the S III alone than for all iPhones and iPads together in 5 years.

Comment Re:Usual posturing (Score 0) 221

Apple's competitors already know what drives IPhone/IPad sales. Yes, Apple's numbers are more authoritative, but 3rd party survey firms provide decent results. Why would consumer opinion be a secret? Especially to firms with billions to gain or lose on their attitudes.

So why does Samsung want access to them if they already have their own?

Comment Re:The Article is Wrong (Score 0) 221

They also designed the iPhone based on what a Sony engineer described during an interview. That 2006 design by Apple looks remakably close to the iPhone, and bears the Sony logo (the drawing was done by and Apple designed following what he interpreted from the Sony guy).

Nope. Because what the Sony engineer described was a media player inspired by the design of the iPad. Which you can see there: And what the Apple designer made was a "how would the iPhone (we have already designed) look like if Sony designed it".

Somebody claiming that should have "Silly" as their middle name. Or "Samsung". What? Eric S. Raymond? Figures.

Comment Re:The Article is Wrong (Score 0) 221

Steve had made similar comments in other forums. He seemed to be a big believer that people don't know what they want until you show it to them. If you did a market survey before the iPad came out, and asked people what they wanted in a tablet computer, very few would have articulated something that looked/operated similar to an iPad. Even after it was announced many people scoffed. But it's been a huge success.

While he sometimes said things that were not entirely clear, Steve's philosophy never seemed to be "don't ask the customer what they like or don't like about existing products". Especially knowing what they don't like is important. That's where the opportunities are. The trick is, in Steve's mind, that the customer is not the appropriate person to ask HOW to fix it. The great designers at Apple will come up with a fix. And if they do the job right, it will be something the customer would never have thought of, but will love.

Exactly. It's not like if they had asked people what computer they would buy, even 1% would have answered "a translucent blue, egg shaped all-in-one".

Comment Re:Those who don't buy your products ... (Score 0) 221

So what they learned only helps them attract that same customer again and again, which is precisely why most apple fanboys dump their perfectly good current model and rush out an replace it with the next model the instant it comes out, even if they have to pay an Early Termination Fee to do so.

Far from attracting the majority of new customers, Apple is mostly eating its young, singing to its own choir, reselling to the same crowd.

The research plan is fundamentally flawed, and has resulted in Apple's total domination of the smartphone market being cut in half over the years.

Yeah, and that's why every iPhone generation has sold only as much as all previous combined. An exponential growth is certainly not enough to raise market share.

Comment Tamino (Score 0) 474

What Watts has shown is that he can get a lower warming trend for the continental USA than others get. All you have to do is systematically eliminate the data you don’t like, while ignoring things like station moves, instrument changes, and recording data at different times of day. Don’t you dare correct for known biases (unless of course doing so would make the estimate of global warming smaller)! And if the satellite data should be in better agreement with others than with yourself, don’t breathe a word about that.

The irony is that Watts is doing exactly what he accuses others of: tilting every aspect of the data and analysis to suit his ideology. The joke is that he actually thinks this is “science.”

Since his original chest-beating, it seems that even some of his co-authors (one can’t help but wonder, did they all even know they were listed as co-authors?) take exception to his methods. Alas, it looks like important details are missing which are required for those who want to check his results. I certainly didn’t find any links to the data or computer programs used. Doesn’t Anthony want to be audited?

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