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Comment Re:Well that's a town to avoid. (Score 1) 760

Hate to tell you this, but Mark Sanford was/is from South Carolina. (I is hard for some people to realize there are *two* Carolinas!). That is the same state that gave us Strom Thurmond. I'll let you look that one up.

The only Sanford we have had in North Carolina as a governor was Terry Sanford. He was a fairly progressive liberal Democrat who also served as a U.S. Senator.

As for that billboard you keep linking to, remember the KKK has had its claws in a *lot* of states over the years. Indiana was once known as the state ran by the KKK. And as for racism, you might look into the institutional racism in Hollywood and New York before the Civil Rights Act.

As for these buffoons in Woodland, there is a zoning and NIMBY pushback all over the eastern portion of the state, as solar companies are persuading many landowners to lease/sell land to build them. I don't have a problem with the farms, but I'm also not in a position to give away my land and home for it.

Comment Re:Are you a hypocrite? (Score 1) 1116

A) Using a product by someone you don't like has exactly nothing to do with protesting the appointment to CEO of someone you don't like. Eich didn't invent Firefox, and he has a negligible influence on the current state of Javascript.

B) Still using ReiserFS? The file-system left in unstable and pretty much abandoned development years ago because its main contributor is in prison? Are you high?

The only relation between these two persons is that they brought out the very stupidest of Slashdot readers in their defense.

You think you see my point? My point is that almost every single person has opinions and has supported causes that, if brought to light, would disqualify them from running *any* company. You want a litmus test?

No, I don't know you, or anyone specifically, but if you think you are without sin, you're full of it!

As for Eich's current involvement with Firefox or Javascript, if he wouldn't have had any influence on the direction of Mozilla, then what was the big deal? Because he didn't pass *today's* litmus test? What next? He didn't save a kitten from drowning? PETA/ADL would have a field day with that one!

All of you fucking PC idiots can go to hell.

Comment Re:Wouldn't it be against the rules anyways? (Score 1) 390

I don't even necessarily think Wikileaks did the right thing, but when I read this:

Even if it is made public, it has to be declassified under proper authority to legally be declassified. And if it still has valid security implications, it can remain classified. Which means certain people can't legally discuss it, much less process it on their non-classified machinery, while others will openly discuss it.

Leaving in the names of people who are still in danger is a clear violation of law even when properly declassifying information.

If I get you right, you are quoting LEGAL language, not MORAL language

At any rate, none of this information has been declassified by the proper authority, so all of it is still legally considered classified, and anyone accessing it is liable to be charged with a crime.

Which brings up the simple question of moral relativism.

I agree. but not for Wikileaks, because...

Well, we all do, in the end, but for some of us the blood comes with moral authority and a lack of criminal guilt.

You, my friend have just equated morality with legality, and that is why, for the most part, our government has lost all standing to criticize or prosecute Wikileaks. The fact that you have been indoctrinated this much is why Jefferson is probably turning over in his grave.

Comment Re:it's all relative (Score 1) 427

Thank you for confirming what I always thought about Linux users as well-nothing but a bunch of freeloaders. You bitch and bitch but you do *NOTHING*. Bug reports are one thing, but instead of giving useful info the parent just says "How wonderful OSX is!!! We should all complain about Windoze!!! And Linux!!!" ALSA and OSS get better by *contributions* to the code base. Get on the mailing list. Talk to the maintainers. I'm hearing all kinds of useful information about problems from many in this discussion, but the parent goes on a rant about how he'd like to claim that his audio project was created on Linux. He has all this *expertise* about what he finds wanting. My view is that he's comparing apples and oranges. Using Apple's operating system is just like using Windows. You get drivers you *pay* for because there are people willing to pay for it. Many here forget that 4Front Technologies also offers driver development for payment. "But audio drivers ought to be FREEEE!!!" Well, you get what you pay for. I helped get my laptop supported by reading the tech specs from Intel and IDT and read the ALSA source to get mine to work, not to mention I'm on the mailing list-they are *very* helpful there. The parent (and YOU) contribute nothing! Yet you complain. I *am* reading the complaints here about mixing problems and sound quality and pulseaudio issues. Yet you cuss me out. And the parent says "How wonderful OSX is!!!" Then *stay* there. We'll get to the top with or without the likes of either of you. But if we fail, it won't be because we didn't try. Stay away, we don't need either of you. Oh, and by the way, these issues are discussed on the mailing list almost every day.

Comment Re:it's all relative (Score 1) 427

I'm sorry you have to boot into your monochromatic machine's native operating system...After all, ALSA only tries to work with a bajillion different sound cards instead of just the one or two that OSX has to deal with natively. Even if you have a third party sound card, and I'll bet it's one of the better supported ones since you do audio work, the fact is that since a software company will make money off of you for ProTools you won't have to cobble together a sound driver yourself. Let's see you program a sound driver for ALSA *OR* OSS and then I'll listen to you complain. I've worked with the ALSA source code myself and it works well enough for a VOLUNTEER EFFORT!!! Convince a major music software publisher to create a Linux version (and promote it, and at least attempt to sell it) and we'll get professional sound drivers written by the card manufacturers instead of the (often miraculous, since we don't always have specs) amateur ones we get for free.

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