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Comment We need more (Score 4, Interesting) 373

I live in Vermont. The reactor here (and the biggest source of power we have other than HydoQuebec) is dead. It's outlived it's lifespan by 10 years, running at 110% original capacity , it's had a cooling tower collapse, and now it's leaking radioactive materials from pipes nobody knew were there.

We need a new plant. Desperately. My hope is that this will help push more companies (like Entergy) to build rather than to shut down, cut there losses, and run away.

Comment Absolute Truth (Score 4, Insightful) 398

I assure you, Jager and Redbull can come to no good end.

Though I don't think it's any business of the FDA.

Is it too much to ask for a society that lets people make their own mistakes? Must we be hemmed in by the moral and ethical mistakes of the stupidest amongst us? How long must the law protect us from ourselves? Have you as a public been fooled into thinking I'm unaware of the dangers of smoking, carousing, and general debauchery? I assure I'm well aware, and I don't care. Please stop making thing illegal for my own good. I'm old enough to choose to make my own mistakes. As should you be.

Comment Makes sense (Score 1) 652

My Grandfather made a living finding water wells using a Dowsing rod. For him, it worked every time.

I use survey of watershed areas, and known Geological formations to make an estimated guess as to underground water movement.

While both are guesses, it makes sense that an uneducated or more superstitiously natured person would simply choose what makes sense to them. Sure, mine is an educated guess, but my Grandfather did find hundreds of wells in his time. You can't really argue with results. Even if those results are based of your subconscious hunch rather than your conscious facts.

Comment My humble offer (Score 2, Funny) 256

To Halcyon (Re:Terminator),
I would like to purchase your rights to the Terminator franchise. I hereto offer you two full and unused pockets full lint and or little bits of string. I feel that having seen the last set of movies, this is more than a fair bid. I'm willing to throw in up too, but not exceeding, one full fist full of dryer lint as a good faith payment.

Sincerely yours, Groggnrath (a devoted sci-fi fan).

Comment This will change everything!!!!! (Score 1) 234

I've had my account merged since the option became available. The number of differences is near nil for the end user.

I am however astounded at the amount of FUD and fear mongering taking place over what amounts to 5 minutes worth of an inconvenience. The Internet breeds people who alternately love and fear change in all forms.

Comment Re:Fairpoint sucks; Verizon too (Score 1) 435

Fairpoint was never prepared to handle the entire northeast. The were in discussion for, what... a year? I'm glad I switched to cell only. The only good thing Fairpoint does is provide Internet. They've taken massive losses here in Vermont. Land lines are a dinosaur. Only very rural areas use land lines (and make no mistake, there are plenty of those). You'd think Fairpoint would focus on those areas, but they're so strapped for cash, they can't.

All I know is, Verizon is a shitty company for cutting and running. They left Fairpoint holding the bag, in a dieing industry. Everyone suffers but them. Fuckers.

Comment Re:How stupid is this whole thing (Score 1) 423

Well, since IE can now be removed from a Windows machine, you're pretty right.

Once upon a time, you couldn't remove IE. Once upon a time everything defaulted to IE for web access. Those days are thankfully gone. I don't mind if Windows comes with IE, as long as I can get rid of it and install a layer between my computer and the internet, instead of an open window that lets anyone or anything in.

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