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Comment Re:The Future History of Photography (Score 1) 508

To add to this, I do see another feature that smartphones and possibly DSLR's will need to add in the near future as well is the ability to go back and select focus on the depth of field. That tech has been incubating for a while now. It will be a way for these P&S cameras in phones to simulate what big lenses give DSLR's. You can mimic it currently with simple composition and editing tricks but the real deal should be possible.

Comment Re:If your job can be described by an algorithm... (Score 2) 319

Eventually I think is the key word here. Currently in a job that likely could be automated for about 50-75% of it, though in a very large company with only a few people that actually know what you do, there is little incentive to create a lot of software that can replace yourself. Many will just keep plugging along doing their own job for job security as well as not having the knowledge to program out their position through the multiple in-house and home built programs and databases. That and the company not having the resources to do so either keeps the job going for the foreseeable future.

Comment Re:Already propagating (Score 1) 663

They don't. They reduce the amount of calories you consume from drinking soda (diet vs. regular), but they stimulate your appetite so you actually end up eating more food when you do eat.

Diet drinks stimulate your appetite more than regular? How? If they both stimulate your appetite through sugars or sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners, etc, then you're still 150-300 calories better off.

Comment Eventuality? (Score 1) 552

How many unique visitors does this site get anymore? For many years I would visit this site daily for the in depth discussions of technical news. Sadly, with the scooping by sometimes days by other news or congregator sites, I seem to only visit once a week now. Even the number of comments shown for each story is way down. It's as if our beloved /. is a shell of what it once was because the community left and moved on to other sites. With the declining revenue, anyone could see this coming.

Comment Re:Are there any... women here? (Score 1) 504

The franchise has included prominent and strong female characters, like Princess Leia

And...? You make it sound like that's just the start of a long list, so let's hear the rest of it.

Padme, Mon Mothma, Asoka (cartoon but still part of the franchise-numerous lead women there like Duchess Satine of Mandalore) just to name a few off the top of my head.

Comment Re:It is a vicious cycle (Score 2) 385

A website comes and makes some "social web application for sharing stuff", said web application has some very interesting discussions -> said web application gets popular -> said web application gets increasingly worse usually as a consequence of trying to monetize it or due to the sheer number of people using (drowning everyone else in noise) -> users start to migrate to alternatives -> only a shell remains -> death.

See: digg, facebook, myspace, orkut, slashdot...

I find it funny you put FB in there. Still one of the most popular sites on the internet, but to you it 'tis but a shell.

Comment Not a bad idea? (Score 1) 597

Having lived in an older home with aluminum wiring along with millions of others, this is not a bad thing esp as lighting transitions to LED's and PC's and TV's lower their power footprint. This could be the catalyst that has these older homes replace the sub par wiring to something more safe. Soon you may only have dedicated lines of AC voltage to things like HVAC systems, water softeners, hot tubs, electric stoves, but even these could be pushed over to DC.

Comment Re:What is the difference of these 2 positions? (Score 1) 147

If he gets annual leave separate from his paid sick leave he's already ahead of the game.

Civilized countries already do that.

True. Most US companies, if you are salaried, you have as much sick leave as you need. Though with a government position you build up the number of sick leave hours you have with each payday.

Comment Re:What is the difference of these 2 positions? (Score 1) 147

Really? Probably the most influential person in the the biggest company in the US, and you only give him 3 weeks annual leave? What does he have to do to get 4 weeks?

This stuck out to me too. I work for a large int'l company in the US. What makes it somewhat difficult to look for another job is that I've had 5 weeks of vacation (27days) for over a decade and I'm not very old. It would be very tough to start over somewhere with only 2-3 weeks leave.

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