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The Courts

Submission + - Psystar Files for Bankruptcy (macobserver.com)

mytrip writes: Mac clone maker Psystar has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in Florida, temporarily slowing down Apple's legal case against it. The filing may be an indication that the company's financial backers have pulled out, signaling they see Apple as the clear winner in court.

Apple hit Psystar with a lawsuit claiming the company was violating the Mac OS X licensing agreement with end users, and that it was violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act with the steps it used to install the Mac operating system on PCs.

Despite Apple's claims that the company doesn't have permission to sell PCs with Mac OS X, and now its bankruptcy filing, Psystar is still offering Mac clones for sale on its Web site.

Even if Psystar has plans of continuing its battle against Apple to sell PCs with Mac OS X installed, it isn't in a strong position to move forward once the Judge overseeing its bankruptcy lifts the automatic stay since it doesn't likely have money to pay for its legal defense. Without the cash to pay its legal team, Psystar probably won't have anyone to represent it in court, and won't be in a position to defend itself against Apple.

Comment Re:unpaid contributors provide corporate tech supp (Score 1) 221

"The NY Times writes about Justin McMurry of Keller, TX, who spends up to 20 unpaid hours per week helping Verizon customers" No way should you ever do this. If it's worth doing then it's worth getting paid for doing it. And for each McMurry out there there is one less paid job at Verizon. Same with friends or neighbours. I'll fix their PC, but only if they pay me.

With me this varies with mileage. Good friend or close family, free for minor stuff and i get to it when i can, they rush me or major repairs i'm gonna charge them something not too bad. Associate or distant relative, you're getting charged my normal rate, which still is pretty good but varies with the task of course.

Comment Re:How do raids perform? (Score 1) 480

He specified an external drive. An external raid would be unncecesarily bulky, most likely, and given the use of an external drive that's frequently used, I'd be willing to bet this is for a laptop, so mobility counts a lot. If it is a mobile solution, then the SSD's probably the way to go. He said he's using subversion, so the code should be backed up to a server. You avoid the whole "oops I jostled my hard drive that grinding sound can't be good" scenario. And given a reasonably large drive, he should have plenty of space to allow for the occasional bad location in memory. Once again, allowing for an external drive, his read/write speed is going to be more throttled by the USB than the performance of the drive, in my experience.

Comment Speaking from an k-12 system administrator pov (Score 1) 323

Honestly, the training of new admins shouldn't be hard, if you actually understand how a computer works. Most sys admins are gonna be comfortable enough with a command line that even if they haven't used linux before, they'll pick it up pretty fast.

Given my district's hardware choices, linux would be ideal on many machines, in particular a lot of the older computers that the elementary schools have inherited.

Biggest concern for a switchover for us would be plugins like flash not functioning. Renaissance Learning makes heavy use of that in particular, and that's the core of the curriculum at the elementary schools.

Then of course there's the difficulty of retraining every teacher in the district, plus breaking the news to them that their favorite games don't have a linux equivalent, the retraining on how to use Office, because even though OO only has a slightly different UI than what they're used to, you'll get the teachers who complain because it is different. and judging by the number of times I have to sudo on ubuntu to do anything of substance, the teachers at least will need superuser permissions...Oh the horror.

Comment Re:What about everyone else... (Score 1) 550

Doesn't it worry you that the only reason the US don't get attacked is a superior army and that they can browbeat everyone into submission?

Oh, wait, I forgot about terrorism. Guess why they attack you.

Just thought I would note that to be fair, the United States' location kinda has something to do with why we're not attacked as well.

We share only 2 borders (for all intents and purposes, none of that Alaska counts as a third border crap). We happen to be really good allies with both of those countries. One of them, we buy their cheap crap, and get flooded with their immigrants, both legal and illegal. The other is basically America with a funny accent, colder weather, and whiny french-speakers. Guess which one is which!

That rules out land invasions, leaving 4 other options.

1. Tunneling through crust/mantle of the planet.

Yeah, don't see this happening anytime soon. Especially in numbers large enough to be significant.

2. Orbital drop force

See number 1. above.

3. Air drop

We kinda might notice that many cargo planes heading our way, not to mention the logistics of keeping a stream of supplies, troops, and armor going while we counterattack the air bases you're taking off from.

4. Naval incursion, followed by amphibious landing.

Great for tiny islands. However, we're gonna notice somebody building thousands of landing boats, assembling a navy, and the aerial coverage that will be necessary. Once we've determined you're heading our way, not many Americans will object to dropping a nuke on your fleet (probably launched from that Ohio class that's been tailing you for weeks)(if the Sea Wolves haven't sent all your significant ships to the bottom).

A significant physical attack is for all intents and purposes impossible on the continental United States. Even if you worked through the difficulties above, you'd never be able to occupy half a continent where at least 1 out of every 3 citizens is fighting tooth and nail to stop you and eject you back to whichever hellhole you crawled out of.

That's why we don't fear attack (except for the hysteria caused by the media reporting isolated terrorist attacks).

Semper fi!

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