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Comment Well for this to really matter... (Score 1) 418

They're gonna have to release some movies that are so good I can't wait another month for. Here lately, they haven't managed that feat very often. Frankly I can count on one hand the # of movies released in the last year where another 28 days would really bother me.

Those movies I'll just pirate as soon as a good dvd rip is available anyway, it's rare even without the 28 day wait for a dvd rip not to beat the dvd release by several days.

Comment Re:Does this really effect you? (Score 2, Interesting) 807

I don't run red lights, I don't "push" red lights, I'm never in such a hurry that I feel it's worth it. Also before I "take off" when my light turns green I take a just a split second to make SURE no one is running THEIR red light. On my way to taking my kid to school I have to go through, then come back through 2 NOTORIOUS red lights. People ALWAYS run these lights it's almost a given.

IF we had red light cameras, I'd be at 0 risk of getting a ticket, I simply don't run red lights. But I still HATE the thought of red light cameras. Where does it stop? Only -people- should be able to fine or imprison or in any way, negatively affect the population. What's next after red light cameras? Litter cameras? When does Robo-Cop hit the streets? I don't want some faceless automaton, be it a camera, or a robot, writing me a ticket. Maybe I'm just old fashioned, "stuck in the 1900s" perhaps, but unless a "person" catches me, it doesn't really count in my book.

And this coming from someone who never runs red lights, rarely ever speeds, and drives a truck that's likely older than a vast majority of the people posting (it's 22 years old).

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