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Comment why live there (Score 1) 414

I always wondered why people would consider living there. You really wont be able to live on the surface so you will be stuck indoors or in sealed caves (this is the foundation to just about every plausible colony plan) and basically no useful magnosphere to speak of.

To me this is the same as living on a space station, the moon or underwater. All of these are much cheaper, easier and safer. What am I missing? What does mars offer outside of just being "interesting"?

Comment Re:Trading on tragedy (Score 1) 105

So...we've got a company that runs a business by trading on someone else's misfortune.

Yeah like those bastards building wheelchairs and those god damned ambulance drivers. Get those capitalist sumbitches!!!

ffs it would be nice to go through an entire day without some dumbass activist babbling about something they know nothing about...

Comment Re:strawman (Score 1) 240

Well whatever profit he keeps he will pay income tax on so what is the problem. People are saying he is dodging taxes. I see it as he either gives the profit to charity or pays taxes on it. But that doent help anyone's argument so they leave that mechanism out of their rant. Regarding zuckerbergs dick... I have no opinion of him one way or another. Not even close to being a fanboy. I have friends with money and am fortunate enough to have a little myself and stand up to what I feel is unjust class warfare rich guy bashing when I see it.

Comment strawman (Score 1) 240

I keep reading these comments about how he is another rich tax dodging fat cat that is screwing the poor etc. You know the usual bullshit...

Here is the reality (or at least my version of it). He put 45 billion of his own cash (he didnt have to) into a new business that will invest in whatever projects he believes will show promise and then donate ALL of the profits to the charities of his choosing. You greedy crybabies are crying because you cant choose what charities he donates to or what he invests in (via the government).

This class warfare crap they indoctrinate you with in school might be the real problem.

A smart guy is trying to do good with his own money in the most efficient way he can come up with and you are indignant because you cant spend HIS money YOUR way.

Comment Re:they serve a purpose (Score 1) 439

tesla's model has already had a real world test. Go buy an apple computer. You can buy direct from apple or a dealer. Its the same basic price. When the manufacturer competes with its dealers you pay the maximum price all the time at all the locations. It amazes me how so many people can not understand the reality of the world they are actually living in.

Comment Re:they serve a purpose (Score 1) 439

if chevy sells a car to a dealer for $16000 and the dealer after haggling and whatnot sell the car to me for $17600 then the dealer made their 10% profit. Cut out the dealer and buy from the manufacturer and they will just sell me the car direct for $17600. It is foolish to think anything else would happen. The main difference is now my 10% has left my community and is being spent in detroit (or wherever). This whole idea "if I can just buy my coke directly from the man My drugs will be cheaper" is unrealistic. That is not how the world works or has ever worked.

Comment Re:So, the other side? (Score 0) 422

France seems to be one extreme, but the US is the other extreme.

wait what? isnt like I dunno 70% of the nations waaaaaay worse than the usa... you know nigeria, china iraq etc. I understand that you have to bash on the usa to feel better about your lot in life but the fact is that about everybody I have ever know here is way better off than most of the world.

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