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Comment Re:human vs. mechanical measurements (Score 1) 2288

I'm in Australia, and was taught metric at school, but we only converted in 1966 (I think) when decimal currency was introduced to replace the British pound and pence we had. So my parents were all taught imperial, and growing up my dad referred to everything as miles, feet and inches. So, when asked to estimate the length of something, I'll use either imperial or metric depending on whichever will give me the closest to a whole. eg. I'll estimate a foot, or half a metre, or an inch, or a centimetre, whichever is most appropriate. If America "converted" to metric, you'd all have an extra method of referring to the measurements of everything. It's not going to stop everyone from thinking imperial. At least not for a couple of generations.

Comment Same ole demo stuff (Score 1) 344

They wow you with eye candy and showing how easy it is to move windows around, and draw random lines, and zoom in on photographs. Who is spending all their time doing these tasks? Show me the same interface with someone doing real work, like coding/writing documents, or touching up artwork, or working with spreadsheets - the stuff we spend 99.9% of our time doing. Methinks the new GUI would show many many weaknesses.

Comment Why the surprise? (Score 1) 540

DRM promised to do all this to you and more. And yet, you purchased DRM-protected content? Hardly a nightmare, more of a told-you-so. Please, everyone, when content is only available DRM-protected, pirate it instead. This is the only way to discourage these companies from abusing us.

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