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Comment Brings sadness but also inspiration (Score 1) 1613

He fought till the last moment and left as a winner. He took a zombie company and shot it to the stars making it #1 and set a direction for computing. Some of the practices were questionable but still, he influenced and pushed significant development on an area created by him. His dedication and determination is a big inspiration for me, not only about the products made under his direction but mostly about the conditions he was under ,from his early steps till the last day, which were not enough to drag him down. He is a man who worked hard for what he accomplished. I indefinitely respect that as a hard-working person myself. He left his (overall positive) mark on the world (looks like a valid meaning of life for me). P.S. Not an Apple fanboy and I do not own any device from that company. On the contrary, I am opposed to the (over)pricing and development policies that are pushed. However my first interaction with computers was from a cousin's macintosh. I was so little that I can barely remember it. He was one of those involved on that machine's creation. Thank you Steve.

Comment Re:A security and functionality oriented fork (Score 1) 453

Posting from Seamonkey. It intergrates Thunderbird and Chatzilla (IRC). Everytime I open my browser it checks for mails and RSS feed updates (you can adjust it not to, if you want). I like also its Cookie Manager and Password Manager. It supports NoScript add-on. It does not look bloated although it has so many (useful) features. I am mostly satisfied. If it was as fast as Chrome then it would have been the perfect browser for me.

Comment Go with both for sure. (Score 1) 403

I made an application on Android and i checked Objective-C recently for a project.The target app is required to be written for Android and iOS. I was checking about applications' publication on the two platforms' stores and i stumbled upon the fees that are required for developer's registration. Android : 25$ iOS: 99$.(I admit i did not expect these fees.I am student and the project is an open source one for clearly educational purposes.I got disappointed a little.) Don't forget that owning a Mac is supposed to be a prerequisite for iOS development, since Apple does not support Windows (Although i found an IDE called Titanium Developer, that i am going to use).

One is open source and the other is enough closed. However,I think approaching both platforms is the way to go.The more platforms you support ,the wider your potential customer base will be. Android = Java , iOS = Objective-C. Both have C as a base. I think you will be just fine.

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