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Comment Re:Forced Upgrades? (Score 1) 665

I ended up ditching Firefox because it became rather unreliable and buggy a few versions ago (I've lost count at this point). I eventually switched to Chrome, indeed, but I found that I preferred Chromium.

If you're running Chromium on Linux, you can avoid those automatic and hidden updates by compiling yourself. I set up a fairly friendly build environment to make Ubuntu packages, and I build packages from bleeding-edge SVN every week or so.

You'd be surprised, but I've found Chromium a lot more reliable (and less crash-prone, in my experience) than Firefox in recent times, even with a build right from trunk. I've had to adjust a bit to find analogous extensions, but otherwise it's been quite nice.

Comment Re:Not a troll but.... (Score 1) 708

I have a ThinkPad Edge 14" that I run Ubuntu on as well, and I'm actually very happy with its performance overall. Suspend works out of the box, though I haven't tried hibernate in awhile (it was previously causing problems). I've not really had any issues with resume at all, though sometimes the computer will have issues rebooting from Ubuntu. I'd highly recommend that ThinkPad at least.

Comment Re:Their evaluation of emulators (Score 1) 492

Zsnes is great, but not a model of accuracy. The audio accuracy is especially poor. It's also written partly in 32-bit x86 assembly, so it's only going to be with us for as long as x86 is.

bsnes on the other hand is written to be cycle accurate. Everything the hardware does is emulated, with no shortcuts. That is what we really need from emulators. Plus it's written in portable C++, so it will be around forever. The downside is that you need a fairly hefty machine to run it.

Speaking of bsnes, byuu, its creator, is working to preserve SNES games and their history -- he just began a massive undertaking to catalogue, photograph, and document all known SNES games. Cf. here for more info. If I had access to my old SNES games (stored thousands of miles away at my parents' house), I'd help him out, but maybe you and some of the ./ crowd may be able to be of some help.
I used to be able to run bsnes without any real problems, but I think my desktop is getting old, and I've fallen back on ZSNES for the time being, unfortunately.

Comment A good experience overall. (Score 1) 1231

I've overall had a good experience, although I finally bit the bullet and did a clean install of Karmic on my desktop, which fixed all my gstreamer issues (which had been a problem since at least Hardy). I like it very much -- it's been quite impressive. The "New Wave" theme is one of my faves now, and I use it on both my desktop and laptop. So yeah, I've had a good experience in general.

Comment Slackware. (Score 1) 739

This is basically my only Linux story until I installed Ubuntu in 2007 (try #2). I installed Slackware in 1996 or so after painstakingly downloading and copying it onto at least ten floppies, and all was well for awhile.

Until I tried to repartition my drive and failed miserably at it, nuking my DOS partition. As this was the family computer, my parents were none too happy. My dad complained for a long time afterwards about LILO coming up at boot when Linux was no longer there, and I don't remember how I eventually fixed it, but yeah...

Thus it took me about ten years to get back to Linux again after that disaster, but I have Ubuntu now and haven't looked back to XP after I replaced it.

Comment Re:DVDFab (Score 1) 501

You've a good point there. It's not so much of an issue for me since I'm pretty experienced with computers, but for the "grandma" Linux adoptions it's more of an issue. Unless, of course, you have your whiz kid grandson around to clean up the mess, which is generally an unrealistic expectation.

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