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Comment Re:What nonsense! (Score 0) 233

You say "Without anonymity, you can't have free speech."
Really? On what logic is that true? By what historical example is that based? Most (if not all) of the American Revolutionary pamphleteers I have studied proudly signed their names to their work. The Colonial newspaper editorialists signed their names. Without demonstrating the strength of their convictions by courageously identifying themselves, (we mutually pledge our lives fortunes and sacred honor) free speech isn't worth much. You might just as well put a white pointed hood over your face if you lack the courage to identify yourself, and if you do that, your words offer little to any discourse.

Comment Re:Or hey, maybe we need (Score 2) 599

to discuss sensible zoning restrictions. Constant population growth in under-resourced areas make a handful of very wealth people even more wealthy, but it's madness to allow it to continue at the expense of the local environment. Just say no to the developers. We have exceeded the carrying capacity of local water supplies. Also...stop farming in the desert.

Comment Re:"What happened to the dinosaurs?" (Score 3, Insightful) 445

Funny, how you, and many of your kind, never consider that you may be the ones burning in Hell. Lying, even to ourselves, would seem to be a mortal sin (if we are to believe in the holy books as you are suggesting). Wanting something to be true, even wanting something to be true really, really passionately, is not the same thing as knowing something is true. Science, so far, is the best system we have to find those truths. The fact that "The Scientific Method" has found (continues to find) its mistakes is not its weakness, it is its strength.

Comment There are no bad Scientific practices. (Score 1) 444

If a methodology is flawed, it is not scientific. It is not of the Scientific method. That is not to say that science sometimes gets it wrong. But if inadequate sample size, sloppy experimentation practices, lazy peer review, financial agenda confirmation, lack of experiment repeatability, etc. are part of the process, it's not science.

Comment The Nazis are interesting because (Score 1) 121

they were voted into power, by folks who had a democratic, constitutionally chartered government. Anytime a fictional work needs to show the evil of people giving over to "the dark side", either out of fear, demoralizing shame, or for some other reason, "The Nazis" provide a good model to emulate. Authors, screenwriters, and other artists are who understand this history can be forgiven for copying the concept. The excesses of Communism, while often "evil" are not nearly as interesting, from a creative point of view.

Comment "Climbing" Everest became an abomination... (Score 2) 164

long ago. The oxygen bottles, sherpas, packaged guide services, gourmet food, bridged/extension laddered/roped route "improvements", and instant cell phone/radio communication have made it a circus. I understand why it still appeals to arrogant assholes though... but, it's similar to state of the art "sport" fishing and hunting, which, (in a similar way) "enhanced" by sonar fish locators, high speed fishing boats, carbon fiber rods, laser sighting, tree stands, scent masking, baiting, and "canned" hunts, has become spiritually bankrupt. I wish we could all stop admiring these narcissistic activities.

Comment Re: OK (Score 2) 117

Umm No. General Relativity's whole "mass distorts space time" thing kind of does explain what makes things move. As opposed to Newtonian physics that only mathematically (and inaccurately at stellar mass scales) predicted how things should move. That's not to say that through the Scientific Method we will not continue to learn new and interesting things. But GR does offer an explanation of what makes things move.

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