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Comment Decrypt password (Score 1) 575

Hows about just using a decrypt like "G0Fukyourself"
Then even if tortured to the breaking point when you tell them the password they may just kill you and get it over with. Either way you can tell them and they will think you are just a shit - even though it is the real password - - - - - just tell them - - - - - go fuck yourself!

Comment Why now? (Score 1) 239

After all the money is the property of the government that issued it.
Give to Caesar what is Caesar's

and thanks to the Patriot Act we are almost back in the cold war mentality (fear). Everyone was in fear of commies. You could point someone out as a commie and the government boys would take them for a 'ride'. If you could not prove satisfactorily that you were not a commie there was a problem...
Although the Patriot Act does give a much wider range of activities that should be hunted out (not just commies) and the government agencies now have a much broader field to play with you on.
Some great politicians we have there, keeping a watch over our safety ??

Comment call the waaambulance (Score 1) 469

Its just too bad. Maybe if he was not a jerk wad he would not have this problem!
So whats the real news here? Some guy (the jerk wad) can't act civil and his mommy isn't there to spank him so someone else (the game company) has to punish him...
I say good.
Forums have too many trolls (and jerk wads) its about time some consequences are put down.

Comment 4G fiasco coming right up (Score 1) 324

Besides the previous articles on SD - 4G Broadband May Jam GPS http://slashdot.org/story/11/02/09/1324253/4G-Broadband-May-Jam-GPS/ Nothing like having America blanketed by GPS blocking net :P
It will be interesting to see how long before 4G is antique and the new 42G is the rage...
Will the infrastructure be usable or shall we all pony up for the new stuff when it comes time? What the Hell we have too much disposable income anyway, right?

Comment Re:You see? They *are* changing their business mod (Score 1) 369

I found a much less expensive place to buy legit music from. Singles only 15 cents and most expensive album I have ever purchased was under $3 and it was a double. soundike.com
They may not have as extensive a collection but for the price!! Before passing judgment check them out. Its a Russian site but the tunes are legal and in 3 years I have NEVER had them screw me or cheat me out of my money or my identity.

Comment Re:No he won't (Score 0) 306

So does anybody speak the language of the predators? seems dangerous to assume that 'they' will speak our language - unless they are built like us there may be no way to communicate verbally...

But I would take either the licking of lips (or mandibles if they have no lips) or superior strength and weapons (since they have better space travel) as a bad sign for us ugly bags of mostly water

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