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Submission + - NBC's Brian Williams disappointed in America: 'I feel we ought to be in space' ( 1

MarkWhittington writes: "In a radio interview with actor Alec Baldwin, NBC News anchor Brian Williams, while professing his patriotism, also pronounced himself disappointed at times with the United States. One of the sources of his disappointment appeared to be the current state of the US space program. He may have been expressing a view held by many of his generation often referred to as "Apollo nostalgia," comparing the reality of the current space effort to the remembered glories of the Apollo moon landings. Historian Roger Lanius suggests that this in turn leads to efforts to recreate Apollo in the modern world, which he suggests is impossible because mythic greatness cannot stand up to reality. On the other hand, a recent report by the National Research Council that finds fault with the current space program would tend to back up Williams' feelings of disappointment."

Submission + - Hockey sticks, pocket knives and billiard cues among carry-on items TSA will soo (

coondoggie writes: "As of April 25th the Transportation Security Administration will let a bunch of previously prohibited items such as small pocket knives and what it calls "novelty" or toy bats to be taken on aircraft as carry-ons. The idea the agency said was to let Transportation Security Officers better focus their efforts on spot higher threat items such as explosives and guns."

Submission + - Google Releases Data On FBI Spying (

An anonymous reader writes: According to Wired, 'National Security Letters allow the government to get detailed information on Americans’ finances and communications without oversight from a judge. The FBI has issued hundreds of thousands of NSLs and has even been reprimanded for abusing them.' It's significant, then, that Google has released data about how many NSLs they've received annually since 2009. The numbers are fuzzed — the FBI apparently worries that if we know how often they're spying on us, we can figure out who. But Google is able to say they've received from 0-999 letters each year for the past four years. And we know it's likely near the upper end of that range because they list the number of accounts affect, as well: always over a thousand.

Submission + - Drone came within 200 feet of airliner over New York (

FoolishBluntman writes: (CNN) — An unmanned drone came within 200 feet of a commercial jet over New York, triggering an FBI appeal to the public for any information about the unusual and potentially dangerous incident.
The crew of Alitalia Flight 608 approaching John F. Kennedy airport on Monday reported the sighting.
"We saw a drone, a drone aircraft," the pilot can be heard telling air traffic controllers on radio calls captured by the website

Comment Re:Terrible move by a dying entity (Score 0) 317

The only arguments I've seen along these lines have all been one flavor or another of 'I need to work at home. I have kids there, or a dying mother. I don't have any choice but to work at home. So if I can't I'll have to quit'.

How about "I was hired when this was allowable, live in another timezone, and don't want to uproot my family to get into the office"?

I guess you're fired then.

Comment Re:That's not DRM (Score 1) 215

Philip K Dick already came up with this concept in his novel "Ubik" All your appliances need to have money inserted in them. Want to open the fridge door? That's a nickel. Want your place cleaned? Gotta pay the building to send in the cleaning robots. Want to leave your house? Better pay the door a nickel.

Comment Uhhh, sure? (Score 1) 1

Survey Here: If you look at the survey Windows 7 lost a total of 2.09% and Windows 8 gained a total of 2.24%, the Linux gains (now capturing 0.8% of steam users) would of course be due to Steam for Linux beta releasing late last year. So, where is this "ditching" you're talking about, we're talking minimal amount of switching of OSs here.
First Person Shooters (Games)

Submission + - RIP: Video game modeller and artist, Paul Steed (

dotarray writes: Paul Steed, the man behind the "Crackwhore" female model for Quake II has died. One of the games industry's first cutting-edge low-poly 3D modelers, he will be sorely missed by his many friends still working in gaming.

Steed started in the industry back in the early 90s, when he answered an ad for a "fantasy artist" and found himself working on the Strike Commander series for Origin Systems and EA. He later moved on to id Software and the Quake series, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Marc Ecko's Getting Up, Driver: Parallel Lines, Neverwinter Nights 2 and — most recently — Sorcery, for Sony.


Submission + - UCLA scientist discovers plate tectonics on Mars (

SternisheFan writes: "From the article:
        For years, many scientists had thought that plate tectonics existed nowhere in our solar system but on Earth. Now, a UCLA scientist has discovered that the geological phenomenon, which involves the movement of huge crustal plates beneath a planet's surface, also exists on Mars. "Mars is at a primitive stage of plate tectonics. It gives us a glimpse of how the early Earth may have looked and may help us understand how plate tectonics began on Earth," said An Yin, a UCLA professor of Earth and space sciences and the sole author of the new research. (read more....)"

Comment Re:Enough with the gimmicks. (Score 0) 273

I'm with you on this one, it'd be nice if people could turn their gadgets off and watch what they paid to watch. I caught a showing of Pulp Fiction in theaters earlier this year (having been too young to see it in 1994). It was incredible, except the twinkling lights of people playing with their cell phones. What's the point of going to a movie if all your going to do is text and otherwise generally be a douche bag?

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