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Comment Re:'Simple really... (Score 5, Insightful) 775

Where do you get the idea that it's always on and streaming to google? Glass is aggressive about power savings.

I had a chance to try Glass last week in Chicago and I believe that the owner stated around 3ish hours of battery life for non-stop video recording. You COULD attach a USB cable while wearing them and keep a battery in your pocket.

Look at it this way: If Google had developed a new battery technology that fit in the current Glass profile AND was 'always on, always front recording' then Google would have much bigger news than just Glass itself.

Comment Re:Yes. (Score 2, Insightful) 417

Two year old quad-core MacBook Pro?

Really? I thought Apple Notebooks didn't get quad-core i7s until the most recent refresh. (Or the second most recent refresh). Was that really two years ago?


Are you reporting a dual-core chip with hyper-threading as a quad-core? It's a common mistake that Apple users stereotypically make.


Intel offered quad-core i3/i5 processors and I'm simply unaware.


Please let me know which CPU you have. I want to be better informed.

Comment Re:Now... (Score 1) 107

but rather say that it is so statistically unlikely that it would have required the manipulation of probability by some intelligent deity to arrive at the results we have.

I either don't remember or haven't heard this version. They think it's more probable that a deity manipulated probability? While that doesn't sound scientific to me, I'm intrigued. Do you have a link I could start with (yes, I'll google it for myself, but you seem to already know of the idea.)

Comment Re:like palm (Score 1) 440

> You're argument (viz. people just need to talk on their phones, and smaller is better)

I don't see that argument in the parent post. In fact, the opposite:

> the rest of the world uses it to call me, and it was smaller [...], and did more.

But you're right about third party apps.

Comment Re:Sure you can. (Score 1) 62

Right now my browser combines the concepts of encrypted and authenticated into one value. Actually that's not always entirely true. Some modern browsers display a scary warning about something or other (self-signed certificates... when did those become bad? As long as they represent the domain in question they are fine but not according to browser makers).

Anyway, the point is that we need to get away from treating an SSL certificate as more than they are. Hell, I can create as many certificates as I want and engage in completely secure communications with whomever I choose.

Wow, I got completely bored with this and am going to post anyway.

"Get off of my /. until you can make your point without name calling."

Comment Re:Yep (Score 0) 223

Let's bring this site back under control of responsible adults. No one cares if the free service (note: SERVICE) you relied upon went belly up or just started hating you in particular. Like the parent I'm responding to, if the domain wasn't worth the going rate for you then you just couldn't justify having the domain.

"I'm partly to blame" my ass. You are entirely to blame. Grow up.

Comment Re:For me, and many of my fellow college students. (Score 2) 697

I can confirm that Netflix on the PS3 looks far better than my HD cable did.

When I want to see something with the best possible quality, I rent or buy the bluray disc.

Maybe cayenne8 has really great cable and they don't overcompress the streams in order to cram more channels in.

Comment Re:What is reasonable? (Score 1) 1219

40% is a little high. The total for 2006 is 31%.


I find it interesting that the multiple vehicle number is 24%. That means that 76% of all multiple vehicle traffic fatalities in 2006 were caused by sober drivers. Do you think that being caught speeding should permanently revoke one's privilege to drive?

Comment Re:Whats next? (Score 2) 1219

Here are the real numbers for traffic fatalities.


I'm having trouble finding the data on their site so can you source another location that compares advances in car safety versus drunk driving enforcement as a leading cause for the reduction in traffic fatalities? Bonus points for adjusting the percentage of fatalities over the years for the increase in licensed drivers.

In other words, I'm having trouble seeing "the history that shows strict enforcement of impaired ..." in the data from what I hope is an unbiased source. What's your source?

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