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Comment good pay?! (Score 2) 138

Define "good pay". Back when I looked at working for a similar agency, the pay was usually GS-9 at max to start.

GS-9 is $47,448-$61,678 according to the 2012 locality tables - not very good at all considering someone with a similar education could earn 90-100k in private industry.

Sure, it's better than most people in Utah make, but by no means "good" pay by any objective metric.

Comment Re:Wow, don't have opinions online.. (Score 1) 530

Graduate studies costs 4-5x more than undergrad studies, and carry a stigma of "Well, you couldn't cut it there, why would we accept you here?".

If you don't receive full tuition reimbursement and a stipend (especially in a STEM field) you should not be pursuing a doctoral degree. Any halfway decent candidate can get a modest stipend and tuition reimbursement.

I personally am by no means living high on the hog, but I pay my rent and have a little leftover for the occasional beer with friends. If I hadn't been offered this funding, I'd have gone and worked in industry, because this would not make economic sense.

Comment Re:Contempt of Court? (Score 1) 184

<blockquote>That seems fairly weird. Manning (allegedly) is the one whose conscience was in play</blockquote>

One could argue Manning simply wanted to screw over his employer. His employer happened to be the US army. If Manning had worked at McDonalds, maybe he'd just have taken some money from the till.

Comment depression link? (Score 1) 234

Maybe this is because people who drink coffee are less depressed?

One of the symptoms of severe depression is tireness. People with severe depression often sleep all day. People who are not severely depressed want to get up and out of bed, into the world, and drink coffee to help them do so.

Thus, mortality numbers are skewed by the suicides of the depressed (and thus more likely to fall ill, abuse drugs/alcohol, and/or commit suicide.)

Comment research (Score 1) 408

How does this compare to the amount that other large, successful companies spend on research?

Because guess what: long term gambles with no immediate payoff - that's basically corporate research.

What percent of Google's operating costs is spent on these projects, versus say, the amount spent on Microsoft Research or HP Labs?

(We all agree that having a corporate research division is good, right?)

Comment Re:I went to school for art (Score 1) 173

Some of the finest people I've worked with in software have degrees distantly related to computer science, math, or software engineering. Music, religion, "interdisciplinary studies", and an accounting dropout are included in that mix. They are right to pish-posh it away. Actually, as an art person, you wouldn't happen to live near Phoenix, know Java well, and be interested in working on GIS applications for remote sensing, would you? We have a good product that probably could use a techie with an art background to improve its UI.

You want someone with a background in Human Computer Interaction (HCI).

If you're looking for local hires, Arizona State has an HCI program:

Comment Re:Smart==unhappy (Score 1) 769

I have noticed a disproportionate number of intellectuals are depressed. Probably because they are smart enough to know no matter what you do you are screwed. This in turn leads to acting out against the dumb/happy people. The dumb/happy people are generally unphased because they didn't even realized you just dissed them making the intellectual even more furious. Which in turn leads them to target the dumbest group of all...that's right...government officials which gets twisted to be a political statement instead of the "kill all dumb people" it was truly intended as.

Smart parent... you get it pretty much on the nose. The technical term is "depressive realism".

Comment hm (Score 1) 167

CMU had a similar site pop up entitled "Before We Leave", which to my knowledge has not garnered any scorn from the administration.

From their FAQ page:

Life should be lived with no regrets. Undoubtedly there are people that you know (or know of) that you've always wanted to 'encounter' physically. With graduation right around the corner, these final weeks are your last chance. This site is devoted to facilitating those encounters.

So... you enter the andrew IDs of the top five people you have always wanted to get with. If they also list you in their top five, we will email both of you-- the rest is up to you. If nobody matches with you, c'est la vie-- at least you tried. It's as simple as that.

Your top five are safe: your desires will only be revealed if the other person also desires you. Otherwise they will be kept secret forever.

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