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Comment Re: DJ (Score 1) 137

Yeah he started doing a lot of web development stuff, and some other sorts of coding, but as he started to do more music it dropped off. I wish I could find the interview where he talks about it, but it is pretty awesome all the stuff he has tinkered with.

Comment Re:Snitch (Score 1) 59

Sabu got caught early on in the game, and they used his kids as a way to get him to inform. They threatened that he would never see them again. Either way it is still messed up because most of the time they have to do things like that they have very little on you anyways. It's always better to say nothing.

Comment Re:Creative Suite Six will be Adobe's XP (Score 1) 74

I completely agree. Photoshop is starting to lose its place as a tool for designing websites, a lot of newer tools are coming out for building more interactive prototypes so that the client can see functionality far earlier than what they used to, and some places are even doing hybrid design/dev where they just build the site rapidly as a simple HTML5/CSS/Js mockup. I'm not even sure I know of anyone using Dreamweaver anymore, despite so many job listings "requiring" knowledge of it. Everyone is using Sublime Text, PHP Storm, or some other IDE like Notepad++.

Comment Re:Stupid? (Score 1) 204

This is a blanket statement though. I'm sure there are people who care about their animals a lot, obviously it goes both ways because nothing is every truly black or white. However, I've seen that statement so many times from breeders who have hundreds of dogs in terrible conditions to family run farms that abuse their livestock when no one is watching them (undercover operations reveal the truth). We get the whole romantic notion and nostalgia from riding in a carriage, we just don't see it as being the best interest for those animals, especially the external dangers they face from cars or becoming panicked in the city.

Comment Re:Animal cruelty? (Score 1) 204

Most activists hate PETA for the same reason you do, but don't think that there aren't plenty of farm sanctuaries out there that would skip a beat to take care of one of these animals. The horses not existing is hardly an issue as we created them, and they are a result of being bred into human captivity, there's also the option of rewilding them, letting them roam where they once did.

Comment Re:Stupid? (Score 1) 204

Your dog has the ability to stop playing fetch and go do something else if it wants to, no one is going to play fetch with their dog until it passes out on the pavement from exhaustion, and hopefully you aren't playing fetch in the middle of the road where getting hit by a car is a real issue, something that also happens to a lot of horses. I've met plenty of carriage horses, several ones that have also died because of being overworked. They might be bred to do that job, but saying they enjoy it is like saying that someone bred into slavery enjoys doing the hard labor they are forced to do.

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