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Comment Re:Comparison with 360 (Score 2, Insightful) 796

Because they didn't focus on propper data compression and procedural rendering. It's funny but if you do some research, the average data footprint of games begins by skyrocketing to blast through any current data storage medium (CD to DVD) and then actually starts to taper off. Given that much space, most companies will waste a large chunk of that space by using it as a reservoire for non-streamlined materials and large chunky textures.

As game engines and other technologies improve, this may change. However, before that time, most games will come out on DVD. Blu-Ray wont be the standard until later.

In Sony's on conference, their rep said for the first year only 20% of the games that came out for the PS2 were on DVD. Then 5 years later that number was up in the mid 90%. Granted that's impressive, however, it appears that the next-gen cycle is now shorter than 5 years. The xbox was not out for 5 years, and I anticipate that the companies will be launching into their next-next-gen console pre-production around 4 years from now, with a release one more year after that.

That being said, if Blu-Ray is not the de facto standard for next-gen data storage by this point, Sony will lose a large chunk of change, even at $499 and $599.

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