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Lack of Penis Bone In Humans Linked To Monogamous Relationships and Quick Sex, Study Says ( 279

The penis bone can be as long as a finger in a monkey and two feet long in a walrus, but the human male has lost it completely. According to a new report published in Proceedings of the Royal Society, the lack of a penis bone in human males may be a consequence of monogamy and quick sex. The Guardian reports: Known as the baculum to scientists with an interest, the penis bone is a marvel of evolution. It pops up in mammals and primates around the world, but varies so much in terms of length and whether it is present at all, that it is described as the most diverse bone ever to exist. Prompted by the extraordinary differences in penis bone length found in the animal kingdom, scientists set out to reconstruct the evolutionary story of the baculum, by tracing its appearance in mammals and primates throughout history. They found that the penis bone evolved in mammals more than 95 million years ago and was present in the first primates that emerged about 50 million years ago. From that moment on, the baculum became larger in some animals and smaller in others. Kit Opie who ran the study with Matilda Brindle at University College London, said that penis bone length was longer in males that engaged in what he called "prolonged intromission." In plain English, that means that the act of penetration lasts for more than three minutes, a strategy that helps the male impregnate the female while keeping her away from competing males. The penis bone, which attaches at the tip of the penis rather than the base, provides structural support for male animals that engage in prolonged intromission. Humans may have lost their penis bones when monogamy emerged as the dominant reproductive strategy during the time of Homo erectus about 1.9 million years ago, the scientists believe. In monogamous relationships, the male does not need to spend a long time penetrating the female, because she is not likely to be leapt upon by other amorous males. That, at least, is the theory.

Comment Re:is he really saving money? (Score 1) 535

Ha! That's funny, the only Mac I own is a G5. Hooked it up and played with it enough to realize that their claim of "far more intuitive UI" was a marketing fallacy. Ain't turned the thing on in years. Junk.

No, I can't see myself ever paying any money for rotten fruit. It's junk to me. Give me Windows or Linux, or just light that shit on fire.

Comment Re:Since when has Apple been about bang/buck? (Score 1) 535

And those horrible chicklet keys that they have on their pathetic little keyboards. Yuck, reminds me of the old Radio Shack Color Computer with their flat keys. At least not as bad as the TImex/Sinclair 1000, but not a whole lot better.

Fuck Mac People, do you people even do a lot of typing? Those tiny flat ivory keys are hella terrible!!

Comment Re:Pushes Some Apple Loyalists To Ubuntu Linux (Score 1) 535

Everything works... if everything has the latest updates... and you never did anything previously unsupported... and you're not trying to extend functionality beyond what Apple originally envisioned... and you're a paying customer and you call Apple support. Oh, and you're definitely not using iCloud.

Comment Re:Apps, Apps and more Apps (Score 1) 535

OK guys, WTF means "BTO"? New term to me, first I heard of it was after reading about the huge disappointment of the recent Mac refresh. I just googled it and got BTO Sports and a bunch of Japanese sites, so it's apparently some new TLA.

Did something happen to the term "RAM" or is there some further clarification?

Comment Seriousl? (Score 1) 78

"An iPhone is a nearly perfect object. Sleek, attractive, simple."

*Gag* Really? A "perfect object"? This ain't no dodecahedron we're talking about here. It reminds me of an old soap dish. Stop with the worship of cheaply designed disposable tech. It's a bad mindset and bad for the environment.

Sleek? so thin the damn things bend/break all the time. Oh wow, such engineering. How about we go after "battery lasts a week between charges" rather than "Can be used to jimmy a door"

Attractive? I don't think so, personally. They look boring. Really boring.

Simple? Please don't insult the average person's intelligence. This is from the people who thought a mouse with more than one button was too complicated for the average moron.

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