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Comment Article is bogus (Score 1) 205

This article is mostly bogus; counterfeits are a real problem, but this article isn't actually about counterfeits. The seller is upset with their much cheaper competition that isn't even violating their patents, or Amazons rules.

Also, I find it funny when articles like this imply patent violations but never include the patent number. Patents are very explicit and it can be very misleading to imply a product is violating a patent when in fact they aren't. Even violating a single clause in a patent doesn't mean the patent is violated; individual clauses may not be enforceable due to prior litigation.

Comment Re: Media's missed opportunity (Score 2) 301

I don't think people understand the criticisms in the compliments gawker has been given.

This is the media telling Gawker if they out that kind of effort into real news they wouldn't be a farce. This is them giving Gawker a bow, right before they piss on its grave. You wait and see, the people currently working for Gawker are going to be blacklisted into Walmart greeters when this all wraps up.

Comment Re: Coding (Score 1) 342

Which is great; but people like this think things like scratch should be used for full fledged applications and reports. Because, you know, easier.

I've seen a graphical workflow for a complex (but not highly complex) business workflow. Spaghetti would be easier to understand.
Most people couldn't make sense of a CPU diagram either without years of education.

Comment Anonymous isnt (Score 1, Insightful) 229

Anonymous isn't really what people think it is. Yes, anyone can claim to be them, but they do occasionally have high level people deny actions taken by others. The biggest trick to anonymous is they let all the little guys take the fall while the upper echelon sites back and watches the show.

They instigate the masses.

Comment No surprise to me (Score 1) 213

This isn't a surprise to me. I work for a profitable government organization. We bring in substantial tax dollars. But at the end of the day all my work has to be justified, much of it within the confines of a specific project. That means once specific goals are met I must move on to other things. Bugs which affect us must be fixed, but others languish because of other priorities.

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